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On behalf of The Exalted Name Bible Foundation, I am Lawrence T. (Larry) Vosen, and it is my pleasure and honor to welcome you to our website, and to the most exciting Scriptural translation available today!

The Bible translation available here, The Exalted Name Bible™ (Abbreviated as: ENB™) has been a work in progress for fifteen years, and was first published online on April 30, 2011.

The Exalted Name Bible™ re-inserts the full Hebrew Name of our Creator, Master, Messiah and King into both the Old Covenant and New Covenant, bringing a unique fullness of life to His Inspired Word.  At the same time, we have also re-inserted the abbreviated form of His Exalted Name wherever it belongs, which in today’s Standard versions of the Bible, is presented as any number of ‘titles” or “phrases”.

In The Exalted Name Bible™ you will find His Names used as originally inspired, and through that complete usage, you will see how His Names literally transform the fullness of His Inspired Word.

Please read our Mission Statement and our, “About the Author” page.  We sincerely believe these messages are important for you to know.  After all,  who we are, where we have come from, and where we are going, are rather significant matters; especially in today’s fast-moving, hit & run society.  We are here for however long our Heavenly Father permits!

Under the “PURCHASE” tab you will find all of the information and links needed to purchase the Audible and eBook versions of The Exalted Name Bible™, The Letters of Faith™, and all the other copyrighted books currently available to this ministry (in all formats).  We believe it significant to note that this Foundation receives all of the proceeds from the sale of these listed works, and as the mission statement reveals, all proceeds are dedicated to the worldwide distribution of The ENB…

Our mission statement further reveals our fervent plans to offer The ENB in hard-copy print – worldwide.  The funding for that project will come about through the monies earned by the sale of our available publications, as well as thru the freewill offerings of those who wish to support this work.  All this aside, however, please know that The Exalted Name Bible™ will remain available online at this website – as our freewill offering.

Furthermore, in the reading of our history, you will find mention of “The Letters of Faith”.  The “Letters of Faith” website was our original online presence, and that ministry remained online as a separate entity for twenty-five years.  With the introduction of The Exalted Name Bible™, though, we have decided to include The Letters of Faith as a sub-section to this website.  I sincerely pray that you will read The Letters, because aside from gaining some tremendously insightful teachings, you will also discover the fullness of my history and footing; within those pages you will find evidence of my every nuance and desire, as well as the fullness of the lessons I have learned at the knee of our Beloved Master, and then taught to His beloved children – whom He has directed to cross our path!  The Letters are a wonderful evangelistic and discipleship training tool, and have proven to be extremely useful to the faith-walk of many visitors!

It is our fervent hope that The Exalted Name Bible™ will be found on tables, desks and night-stands around the world, and to that end we dedicate this website and our energy.

Thank you for your time, consideration and prayers (especially your prayers).  It is our sincerest desire that our Father in Heaven will anoint you as you read this wondrously unique and inspired presentation of His Word.

Again, on behalf of The Exalted Name Bible™ Foundation, I remain faithfully and humbly your servant in YEHOSHUA ha Mashiach, our Master, Messiah and King,

Lawrence T. (Larry) Vosen, PhD.

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