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(In eBook format – from KindleNook and Amazon – $9.95)

I am Lawrence T. (Larry) Vosen, and I have been working on this first edition of The Exalted Name Bible™ (ENB) since 2002. By the grace of our Master, Messiah and King, I am pleased to say that the first edition of this Scriptural translation was made available online on April 30, 2011.  The eBook and Audio version will be as pristine as possible by mid-December, 2012.

The Exalted Name Bible™ re-inserts the full Hebrew name of our Creator into both the Old Covenant and New Covenant, bringing a unique fullness of life to His Inspired Word. At the same time, we have also re-inserted the abbreviated form of His Exalted Name, (YAH) wherever it belongs, which is normally connected to other words, thereby forming many of the names of the children of Israel.

There is a Concordance of Names at this site too, which will provide you with the meaning of every name in the Bible (that we were able to locate).  A paperback edition of the concordance is available at createspace.com – $6.95

Father willing, I am hoping to turn on the “Blog” feature of this website soon, so that we can begin exploring The Word of Elohim together.

Please read our Mission Statement, and the page About the Author, because I really want you to know where we have come from, and where we are going with this work. And if you visit “The Letters of Faith”, and read those pages, you will truly discover our history and footing, because those pages have now been online for 24 years; starting in 1988… For however long our Master allows, The Exalted Name Bible™ and The Letters of Faith™ will remain available online – as our freewill offering.

Eventually, we are hoping to be able to provide a hard copy of this work. Father willing, that will happen too. While visiting The Letters of Faith website though, check out our “Support” page, because you will discover that we have never really sought financial support for this ministry. Everything we do is offered as a freewill offering unto YEHOSHUA, but occasionally, we have had brothers and sisters who have been moved to assist this ministry. If you are so inclined, please send me an email at:
larry . vosen @ yahoo .com (please remove the spaces),
and I will provide you with a current mailing address.

Otherwise, please consider adding us to your prayer list. Your prayers mean more than any amount of money that can be sent.

Thank you for your time, consideration and prayers (especially your prayers). It is my sincerest hope that our Father in Heaven will anoint you as you read this unique and inspired presentation of His Word.

I remain faithfully and humbly your servant in YEHOSHUA ha Mashiach, our Master, Deliverer and King,

Lawrence T. (Larry) Vosen, Ph.D.

(PS. The Letters of Faith are also now available for eBook readers at Kindle, Nook and Amazon for all other eBook readers – $9.95.


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