Concordances for The Exalted Name Bible™
& The Letters of Faith™

Herein are the two most significant contributing additions possible for
The Exalted Name Bible™ & The Letters of Faith™
– Their Concordances –


nugget The Concordance of Names:

This a list of almost every name used in the Bible.  The purpose for this Concordance, therefore, is to consolidate the true interpretation of those names used within The Exalted Name Bible™ translation of Scripture.

Try as we might, however, we simply could not define some of the names given to people from outside the Nation and Tribes of Israel.  In those instances, however, those names are not located within the Concordance.  Those instances are few.

Worthy of note though, is the fact that many of the names within the Nation and Tribes of Israel, contain the abbreviated form of The Exalted Name:

rd_dot “YEH” is the proper abbreviation of The Exalted Name, YEHOWAH!  Whether located at the front, middle or end of the name of a person, place or thing, please note that the abbreviation is always meant as just that, an abbreviation.
rd_dot “EL” is the singular case of the Hebrew word we interpret as, God!
rd_dot “ELOHIM” is the plural case of the Hebrew word we interpret as, God!

In English, YEHEL and ELIYEH – through their names – tell us that YEHOWAH is EL (God)!  AND EL (God) is YEHOWAH!

There are many, many more such telling surprises throughout Scripture, and The Exalted Name Bible™ is the only Interpretation of Scripture that provides the fullness of those surprise.


nugget Concordance to The Letters of Faith

Every thought and teaching offered within the letters of this work, are accompanied by a Topical Concordance.

The primary failure of the ‘church’, throughout history, has been the absolute disobedience to the Scriptural Law of Validation.  The Law of Validation demands that every teaching be supported by the fullness of Elohim’s Word.

In failing to validate the teachings spewing from the pulpits, the Body of Mashiach has been deceived; led down a path of deviations and outright lies.

False Teachings:

Tragically, too many false teachings have entered into the hearts and minds of Elohim’s children.  Subsequently, the fullness of the Faith, and the POWER of the Faith, have been stolen from us.  We stopped validating, and He watched as we surrendered this world to the enemy.  The gifts and the power of our faith has waned, but the time has arrived to validate everything we read or hear once again.  This concordance, therefore, is intended to assist in your validation process.

An extensive concordance, featuring the topics discussed within each letter, is located at the end of those letters.  For your convenience, therefore, this Concordance is an alphabetized and consolidated listing of those smaller works.

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