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Contact Us and Support:

Welcome to The Exalted Name Bible™ and The Letters of Faith™, “Contact Us” and “Support” page.

If you wish to contact us, please send your email to:

exaltednamebible @
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With regard to ‘Support’, I wish for all our friends and visitors to know that our Heavenly Father has ALWAYS provided for us (even in very, very lean times) in such a manner that we do not require any support.  We do not wish to inhibit ‘giving’ within the Ekklesia, however, because proper giving and tithing is very basic in the life and walk of all Disciples.  None-the-less, we are not in need, so as to request ‘support’ in this manner.

Please render your financial support to whatever Ekklesia and/or charitable facilities you are so moved.

Although we fervently desire to see a hard-copy edition of The Exalted Name Bible™ used throughout the world, we acknowledge that the manifestation of that work is totally and completely in the hands of our Heavenly Father.  If HE desires a hard-copy of The ENB to be printed and distributed worldwide, He will insure the completion of that portion of this work.

The support we do seek, however, is to ask for your prayers!  Not only do we covet your prayers, we NEED your prayers.  Our Heavenly Father has moved very heavily in our lives throughout the years, and this ministry to which we have been called thru The Letters of Faith and now (especially) thru The Exalted Name Bible, requires a great deal of time, energy, knowledge, understanding and wisdom.  In and of ourselves, we are lacking these requirements at many levels.  With your prayerful support though, we know that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE IN HIM!

Please pray that we remain “IN HIM” for the remainder of our days, so that we may glorify and magnify Him in our every breadth.

Thank you for your time, consideration, love and prayers. And thank you for visiting The Exalted Name Bible and Letters of Faith website.  I wholeheartedly pray that your time here has been blessed and memorable, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

I remain faithfully and humbly your servant in YEHOSHUA ha Mashiach,