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As said in our “Support” statement, this project was never a “for profit” endeavor.

I personally do not believe that the Word of Elohim can be sold!  Throughout life, our Heavenly Father has cared for us in every imaginable way.  Knowing that, you might see how profiting from His Word might be somewhat repulsive to me.  It is true that, “The laborer is worthy of his wage”, these writings have never been considered as “Labor”.

One of the ways in which our costs are covered, though, is thru the sale of our written and audio book offerings.  All copyright privileges of these offerings have been surrendered by Larry Vosen to The Exalted Name Bible Foundation.  Therefore, all proceeds from any and all sales provide for our online presence…

While we truly seek to see The Exalted Name Bible™ published in hard-copy format, we trust ABBA (Our Heavenly Father) to provide the means to accomplish that task.  Whether He chooses to do so in our lifetime or not, however, is entirely up to Him.  Personally, I sleep much better knowing that this, and all other matters, are completely in His Wondrous Hands!

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nuggetThe Exalted Name Bible™
rd_dot Audiobook:  From AUDIBLE.COM (for all devices, prescription including iTunes) – $29.95
rd_dot In eBook format for Kindle and Nook – $9.95
(Please go to for other eBook readers).

rd_dot Free printable (.pdf) INDEX for the audible version of The Exalted Name Bible.  Audio Index – ENB
This is a Book X Book / Chapter X Chapter / Minute X Minute Index…

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nugget The Letters of Faith™
rd_dot eBook: Kindle or Nook – $4.95

nuggetConcordance – For The Exalted Name Bible & The Letters of Faith:
rd_dot Paperback: $6.95
This concordance is for Both Works…

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nuggetA Diamond on The Wall – Memoir of the Youngest Green Beret in Vietnam (1967-1968):
From the outset it must be noted that this writing, in order to maintain the fullness of Larry’s experiences in Vietnam, contains vulgarity.  But, on the other side of the coin, this is not a “Blood and Guts” wartime novel.

The title, “A Diamond on The Wall”, is a direct reference to the markings found on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C., and how a Diamond (representing that the deceased’s remains were recovered and returned to the United States) resides next to the name of a fallen Helicopter Medivac Pilot…

Larry Vosen and the his team, were directly responsible for recovering those remains.  While this memoir covers his entire 17 months in Vietnam, and more, it is his belief that the recovery of Warrent Officer, James George Zeimet’s remains from the top of Hill 851 IS the most significant moment of his wartime experiences.  It is that one moment he will never forget!

rd_dot Paperback: – $9.95
rd_dot Audiobook: – $19.95
rd_dot eBook: Kindle or Nook – $6.95

nuggetWilling to Engage – Silent No More!
This is a powerful prequel to “A Diamond on The Wall”, which tells the whole story surrounding Larry Vosen’s leaving High School, obtaining a GED, and entering the Army at such a young age.

This book will interest anyone desiring to witness one young man’s battle against bullying, and how that bullying impacted his life.  This is a must read!

This prequel to A Diamond on The Wall also answers three nagging and frequently asked questions, posed by those who read that book.  It’s really a Why, Why and How Much? series of questions that I never anticipated while writing that book.

Willing to Engage:
rd_dot Paperback: $12.95
rd_dot Audiobook: $19.95
rd_dot eBook: Kindle or Nook, $6.95

nuggetScarlet Lace Poems – Spiritual Musings:
These poems span a 25 year period of learning and reflection in Larry’s life, as led by the moving of The Holy Spirit’s.  These poems are spiritual and personal, nonetheless, we wholeheartedly believe that they remain relevant to life today.
rd_dot Paperback: $5.95
rd_dot Audible Book: $3.95
rd_dot eBook: Kindle or Nook, $4.95