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FREE Downloads of all available Audio (MP3) files from The Exalted Name Bible™ website can be found linked to this page.

As said in our “Support” statement, this project was never a “for profit” endeavor; we have never sought financial support for The Letter of Faith ministry, and we are not soliciting financial remuneration for The Exalted Name Bible™.

The Word of Elohim cannot really be sold!  Besides, our Heavenly Father has cared for us in every imaginable way throughout the decades, and we have no reason to think otherwise today.  Therefore, “Freely we have received and Freely we give”…

While we truly seek to see The Exalted Name Bible™ published in hard-copy format, we trust ABBA to provide the means to accomplish that task.  Whether He chooses to do so in our lifetime, or not, is entirely up to Him.  Personally, I sleep much better knowing that this, and all other matters, are completely in His Wondrous Hands!

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Golden NuggetThe Exalted Name Bible™
Red Dot  Audio (MP3) Downloads (Coming Soon)

Golden NuggetA Diamond on The Wall™
Red Dot  Audio (MP3) Download (Coming Soon)

Golden NuggetWilling to Engage – Silent No More!™
Red Dot  Audio (MP3) Download (Coming Soon)

Golden NuggetScarlet Lace Poems™
Red Dot  Audio (MP3) Download (Coming Soon)

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Below you will find links to all of the “for-fee” publications available thru The Exalted Name Bible™ Foundation, including all “For-Fee” Audio (MP3) files that are available FREE at this website. How you obtain your copy of these items is entirely up to you; our sole desire is that these materials be available to everyone!

We sincerely hope you will enjoy reading or listening to these works,  provided by (and narrated by) Larry Vosen.  Although entirely unsolicited, the proceeds of all sales are dedicated to the worldwide distribution of The Exalted Name Bible™.

nuggetThe Exalted Name Bible™
rd_dot Audiobook:  From AUDIBLE.COM (for all devices, prescription including iTunes) – $29.95
rd_dot In eBook format for Kindle and Nook – $9.95
(Please go to for other eBook readers)
rd_dot There is now a free printable (.pdf) INDEX available for the audible version of The Exalted Name Bible.  Audio Index – ENB
This is a Book X Book / Chapter X Chapter / Minute X Minute Index…

nugget The Letters of Faith™
rd_dot eBook: Kindle or Nook – $4.95

nuggetConcordance – For The Exalted Name Bible & The Letters of Faith:
rd_dot Paperback: $6.95
This concordance is for Both Works…

nuggetA Diamond on The Wall – Memoir of the Youngest Green Beret in Vietnam (1967-1968):
From the outset it must be noted that this writing, in order to maintain the full flavor of Larry Vosen’s experiences in Vietnam, contains some vulgarity – that is not part of his vocabulary today.  At the same time though, it must also be stated that this is not a blood and guts type of novel.  The title, “A Diamond on The Wall”, is a direct reference to the markings found on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, in Washington, D.C., and how a Diamond (representing the fact that the deceased’s remains were recovered and returned to the United States) resides next to the name of a fallen Helicopter Medivac Pilot…  Larry Vosen, and the his team, were directly responsible for recovering those remains.
rd_dot Paperback: – $9.95
rd_dot Audiobook: – $19.95
rd_dot eBook: Kindle or Nook – $6.95

nuggetWilling to Engage – Silent No More!
This is a powerful prequel to “A Diamond on The Wall”, which tells the whole story surrounding Larry Vosen’s leaving High School, obtaining a GED, and entering the Army at such a young age.  If you are interested in reading one young man’s fight against bullying, and how that bullying impacted his life, this is a must read!  Additionally, three questions that readers of A Diamond on The Wall have consistently posed, are answered in this very thought-provoking memoir / novel.
Willing to Engage:
rd_dot Paperback: $12.95
rd_dot Audiobook: $19.95
rd_dot eBook: Kindle or Nook, $6.95

nuggetScarlet Lace Poems – Spiritual Musings:
The poems contained within this little booklet have been written by Larry Vosen over a 25 year period, and reflect the moving of The Holy Spirit in his life – as he experienced many lessons learned during his walk with YEHOSHUA.  These poems are all spiritual in nature, and yet are extremely relevant to today’s world.
rd_dot Paperback: $5.95
rd_dot Audible Book: $3.95
rd_dot eBook: Kindle or Nook, $4.95