Mission Statement

Aside from the loving maintenance and upkeep of our website(s), and our postings to our Social Media outlet on Facebook, the mission of The Exalted Name Bible Foundation is very simple:  The global promotion and distribution of The Exalted Name Bible™.

Furthermore, we joyously continue the work begun online in 1982 by Dr. Vosen, thru The Letters of Faith ministry website.

Financial Needs:

To financially maintain the online presence of The Exalted Name Bible Foundation, as seen thru this website, all proceeds from the sale of The ENB™ in Audiobook (recorded personally by larryv), or thru the Kindle and Nook eBook readers, are donated to this ministry in perpetuity.

Furthermore,  along with The ENB™ and “The Letters”, larryv (Dr. Vosen), has also donated the proceeds from the sale of his other works as well; in all available formats.  Those works include:
nugget A Diamond on The Wall, Memoir of the youngest Green Beret in Vietnam (1967-1968)
nugget Willing to Engage – Silent No More (A prequel to “A Diamond on The Wall”)
nugget Scarlet Lace Poems – Spiritual Musings
nugget The Letters of Faith™

Thankfully, the sale of these items permits this foundation to globally offer The ENB™ and “The Letters of Faith” – online – freely.

A hard-copy edition of The Exalted Name Bible™, however, represents the true financial need of this ministry.  The means for completing such a project, though, exceeds our current and foreseeable expectations.  Realistically, we may never see the fulfillment of this goal in our lifetime.  I faithfully surrender this request, therefore, to our Father in Heaven, thru His only Begotten Son, Yehoshua ha Mashiach – our Master, Messiah and King.  And in Him, we faithfully seek the doing of these things – in His time, and according to His will…

We sincerely thank you for your time, consideration and prayers.  We covet your prayers above all else!

Our PRO LIFE White Ribbon


While this White Ribbon is not globally recognized as the symbol for LIFE, we have used this “Pro Life ‘White Ribbon’ sticker online since 1982.

Setting aside its symbolic recognition, our display of this PRO LIFE White Ribbon is our declaration and position statement on this matter of life.

Let it be known to all, therefore, that this ministry, and everything emanating from this ministry (these pages and/or from our Social Media statements and presentations), is wholly and eternally PRO LIFE!