Other Names, Words & Phrases

Tradition demands that other names, words & phrases, like, “God”, “Lord”, “Christ”, and even “Jesus”, must in fact be accurate and accurately used, as they stand today.  If you are visiting this website, however, and reading these pages, you must have reached that point in your study of Scripture, where you too have recognized that many names, words & phrases used throughout Scripture, do not hold sway under scrutiny.  Our study on The Exalted Name certainly provides evidence for your concerns.

Ghost or Spirit?

I recall when, as a youngster, the “church” changed the name of The Third Person of the Trinity from, “Holy Ghost”, to “Holy Spirit”.  Although minor, as far as changes matter, this evolutionary step caused serious discussion and confrontation within that church.  While ultimately accepted, the new Name caused an initial outcry that was disruptive, to say the least.  Personally, I always believed the change was appropriate.

The Holy Spirit

The word, “Ghost” holds connotations that are unseemly to One as Holy.  The Holy Spirit, though, should never be thought of as ‘spooky’ or ‘threatening’ to the children of faith.

That notion explains why The Exalted Name Bible™ labors to glorify each Person of The Trinity at every opportunity.  Herein, therefore, you will always see His Name presented as, “The Holy Spirit”; capitalized.  He deserves that recognition.  Occasionally as well, He is referred to as “The Spirit”, and in those cases too, the words will be capitalized.

Worthy of Study

It is my fervent prayer that the Disciples of our Beloved Messiah will study every assertion of this work.  The Names, words & phrases, Christ, God, Lord and Jesus, demand proper usage.  This is what makes The Exalted Name Bible™ a vital link in our growth as Disciples.

My Prayer

Finally, I pray that our proper use of The Exalted Names, will glorify and magnify Him in our hearts.  I also pray that in our consistent and faithful use of The Exalted Names, that His Church will again know the power and authority entrusted to us.  In that power and authority, we can once again elevate, praise, worship and exalt HIM in our hearts, and throughout our fallen world.

Thank you

May YEHOWAH be Exalted as we praise Him thru our blessed Master, Messiah and King, YEHOSHUA ha MASHIACH, His Beloved Son!