Christ / Messiah / Mashiach

It is no secret that the word we use for our redeemer; for our “Christ”, comes with issues.  Foremost of these issues is the fact that the word “Christ” is a title, and not a name.  This surprises many people!  The word, “Christ”, however, is not the Messiah’s surname.  Nonetheless, the word Christ, in many minds worldwide, is actually thought to be His last name (His surname).  It is not!

Furthermore, the Old Covenant word “Messiah” has been transliterated from the Hebrew, “Mashiach”, into the Greek, “kristos”/”Christ”.  I truly wonder why the original text was transliterated from the Hebrew Mashiach, to kristos, and not simply translated to the more proper word, “Messiah”?

Translate -vs- Transliterate

According to Webster’s Dictionary, Transliteration means, to change (letters, words, etc,) into corresponding characters of another alphabet or language.”  To transliterate means to find a word that “sounds-like”.

To translate, on the other hand, is to arrive at a word with the exact (or near-exact) meaning.

Moving from Mashiach to kristos, therefore, is not a correct translation, and sadly enough, it is a very poor transliteration as well.

Changing Scripture?

Upon first reading the description of the word “transliteration”, the hair on the back of my neck literally stood up!  My eyes immediately focused on the word “CHANGE”, and my heart sank into a prayer for guidance.

Is the word, “Messiah” too difficult for us? Is the word Mashiach too specific or intense for us to grasp? Why was the word Mashiach transliterated very incorrectly throughout the Greek works of Scripture, from Messiah to kristos to Christ?

I have difficulty accepting words that are originally written in Hebrew, and then incorrectly transliterated into the Greek.  How many mixtures of other cultures or languages enter this process? And in those processes, how many words are incorrectly translated again into English?  (Or some other language)…  In the case of this particular word, the Hebrew title ascribed to YEHOSHUA (in English), should be Messiah.  Frankly, it must be Messiah!

Furthermore, when He walked among us, He was called The MASHIACH (MA-SHE-AHH), not the Khristo’s, and certainly not the Christ.  I believe this is significant…

Babylon to Today

We already know that a great many things happened within Israel and the world, before and during the assembly of our Bibles.  Whether by the High Priests and Scribes of Yehudah (Judah), or by the Septuagint upon translating the Hebrew writings into Greek, changes were made.

Many things were done to appease, or not offend, and going back further, many things were done even to protect The Exalted Name from the heathen nations.

We lay no blame

It is not the intent of The Exalted Name Bible™ to point fingers or lay blame upon anybody, or any group of people, for whatever human translation errors might exist within the Holy Scriptures.  Our goal with this work, is simply to make straight the way to our Master!

The Mashiach

Think of the word Mashiach (Messiah) as a Title, or better yet, as a position of immense responsibility.  Clearly, He is every single bit of that!

Pronounced, (MA-SHE-AHH), you will find that word used properly throughout The Exalted Name Bible™.

As always, it is also appropriate to discuss the Messiah, without connecting that word to His Name.  With His Name present, however, you will always see Him presented as: YEHOSHUA HA MASHIACH…  (YEH-hO-SHU-AH    HA    MA SHE AH).

Praise be unto His most Glorious and Exalted Name!