Master / lord

Master / lord

We have abundant proof that the Common Version of existing Bible translations, use very simple words in many different ways.  Even though the multiple uses of so many words, contribute to confusion, those multiple uses remain.

Why Confusion Exists

After removing the incorrect phrase, “The LORD”, where His Exalted Name was used, I was still confronted with an inconsistent use of eight (8) other words.

Consistency Demanded

Seemingly interchangeable throughout the Common Versions of the Bible, are the words, “lord”, “Lord”, “lord’s”, “Lord’s”, “master”, “Master”, “master’s” and “Master’s”.  Eight (8) words, upper or lower case, used randomly, where consistency is demanded.

Eight from TWO

The eight words used in English Common Versions of the Bible, stem from only two Hebrew words.  Those Hebrew words are, “Adon” and “Adonay”.


Whenever Adon is used, the word we should be reading in our Bible must be translated as lord, lords, or lord’s; all lower case.


Because Adon is only – and always – used when humans talking with or about other humans.  Adon is an expression of respect, man-to-man.  It is only used in the upper case at the beginning of a sentence.

How about Angels?

This word is also appropriate whenever a human is talking with any other created being; such as an angel.  The Creator, however, Elohim, is never referred to as, Adon!


Unlike Adon, Adonay is always used when any created being is talking to or about The Elohim of Heaven; The Creator; The Supreme Being.

The elimination of confusion

The appropriate interpretation of Adonay, therefore, is “Master”; upper case.

When used properly, the Inspired Word will always eliminate confusion.  The Exalted Name Bible™, therefore, focuses on the proper use of the Inspired Word.  The axiom, K.I.S. (Keep it simple) originated in heaven.  We needed to add the second, “S” in order to personalize the advice.

Scripture Demands Study

Comprehending the fullness of Scripture demands a devotion to study.  Elohim tells us to seek understanding, “As if for Gold”.  Elohim also commands to gain knowledge and wisdom.  Therefore, the acquisition of these things must be possible.

Hidden Secrets

The Holy Spirit did not confuse His Word, making it impossible for a faithful seeker to find the answers sought!  His Inspired Word contains secrets for us to find, but confusion is not part of His design.

Therefore, the Exalted Name Bible™, appropriately uses “lord” and “Master” consistently from Genesis to Revelation, thereby eliminating as much confusion as possible.

I am confident that you will appreciate the consistency.