Master & lord

Master / lord

As we have shown so far, the Common Version of the existing Bible translations use very simple words in many different ways.  Personally, I think that these multiple uses of so many words contributes to the confusion we have when we read the Bible.  Perfect examples of these ‘interchangeable words’ are found whenever we see the words, “lord”, “Lord”, “lord’s”, “Lord’s”, “master”, “Master”, “master’s” and “Master’s”.  Even after removing the incorrect translation of, “The LORD” from the whole of Scripture, and even after replacing that expression with the Exalted Name, YEHOWAH, we are still left with a jumble of inconsistent words that refer to either lord(s) and/or Master(s), and because of those inconsistencies, our understanding of the Bible is occasionally inconsistent too.

Two primary Hebrew words are involved in this mix, and what I have learned in my studies is that there is no need to continue this confusion.  The two Hebrew words involved are, “Adon” and “Adonay”.

Simply, whenever Adon is used, the word we should be reading in our Bible must be translated as lord, lords, or lord’s – all lower case.  This is so, because this word always speaks toward those instances when humans are talking to or about other humans.  The use of Adon is an expression of respect.  This word is also appropriate whenever a human is talking with another created being, such as an angel.  The Creator, however, is never be referred to as, Adon!

In contrast to Adon though, is the word Adonay, and Adonay is always used when a created being is talking to or about The Creator.  Adonay, therefore, is appropriately interpreted as “Master”, and should always be presented in the upper case.

While Scripture IS designed to require study for understanding, knowledge and wisdom, Scripture was never inspired or designed to confuse us – at the most base levels.  Secrets may be hidden within Scripture, but The Holy Spirit never confused His Word so that a faithful seeker could not find the answers sought!

Therefore, the Exalted Name Bible™, “lord” and “Master” consistently from Genesis to Revelation, thereby eliminating as much confusion as possible.   I believe you will appreciate the consistency.