Other Names & Phrases

Tradition holds that the names and words, “Christ”, “God”, “Lord”, and even “Jesus”, which are so widely used throughout the Common Versions of the Bible, must in fact be accurate and accurately used.  If you are visiting this web site, however, and reading these pages, it must be because, in your study of Scripture – you have recognized that many names or words used throughout Scripture, do not hold sway under scrutiny.  Our study on The Exalted Name provides evidence for your concerns.

I recall the uproar caused when the “church” changed the name of The Third Person of the Trinity from, “Holy Ghost”, to “Holy Spirit”.  Although minor, as far as changes were concerned, this evolutionary step caused serious thought and confrontations within the body.  Eventually the tide subsided, and the new Name was accepted.  Nonetheless, the initial outcry was huge!  Within The Exalted Name Bible™, you will see His Name always presented as, “The Holy Spirit“, because He deserves that recognition…

It is my fervent prayer that the Disciples of our Beloved Messiah will in fact study the assertions made within these explanatory pages, with regard to the names, titles and phrases: Christ, God, Lord and Jesus, and that there will be no shock-wave evidenced within the Body.  Furthermore, I pray that the Body will not only accept and use the PROPER Exalted Names, but that through our consistent and correct use and utilization of HIS NAME, He will not only be glorified and magnified, but that we too will witness the full power and authority given to us thru that correct and consistent use.  May YEHOWAH be Exalted as we praise Him thru our blessed Master, Messiah and King, YEHOSHUA, His Beloved Son!

And, as you must know by now, every change discussed within these introductory and instructional opening pages, will in fact be found in use throughout both The Exalted Name Bible™, and The Letters of Faith.

We strive to practice what we preach, because there can be no other WAY!