The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit (Ruach ha Qodesh)

I originally intended to show the Hebrew name, “Ruach ha Qodesh” within the pages of The Exalted Name Bible™, which is the Name used within the Hebrew text of Scripture to reference The Holy Spirit.  As time has passed, however, and as I have prayed about this matter, I am now convinced that making this change is not necessarily in the best interest of our understanding and / or comprehension of His Work.

My primary purpose for wanting to insert His Hebrew Name into this work, was because I became impressed by the fact that something significant took place whenever the “Ruach” (or Spirit) of Elohim was mentioned.  Furthermore, in observing the manner in which His Name was used throughout the whole of Scripture, I found that by inserting this Proper Name, it suddenly drove an awareness of His Presence; especially as His Presence relates to both The Father and The Son.
In other words, seeing His Name repeatedly throughout the whole of Scripture brought to light the fact that the Third Person of The Trinity really is present throughout the Word of Elohim.  (And YES, I am using THAT TRINITY WORD appropriately and intentionally).

Personally, I think it is sad that the phrase “Holy Spirit” does not evoke anything ‘special’ in the minds of many people, which is why the existence of The Third Person of The Trinity is so often ignored or contested.  In utilizing the fullness of His Name, however, both in the Old Covenant and in the New Covenant, I was able to see His presence in profound measure from Genesis to Revelation.

As time has passed though, and as I have completed the edit process on a great number of the Books of Scripture, I have had to wrestle with the fact that IF I were to change the word, “Spirit” to “Ruach”, then I was also going to have to change every reference to a ‘sprit’ (to read ‘ruach’), and that change became a distraction.  Instead of greater clarity, I found all those references to (“ruach’s”) to be very confusing.

In the introduction pages of The Exalted Name Bible™, I said that I was not trying to “Hebrew-ize” Scripture.  Well, I am not!  Using the Exalted Name throughout this work is a very powerful gain to the Whole of Scripture, but I cannot say the same effect takes place with the introduction of “Ruach ha Qodesh” (in place of “the Holy Spirit”).  Therefore, His Title / NAME will remain as we know it throughout this edition of Scripture, but with a slight change:  The one change I am making, is that the “The”, which proceeds His Name, will always be capitalized, for He fully is “The Holy Spirit”.


As I completed the entire first Edit of The Exalted Name Bible™, and as the work was fully available online, I returned to the edit process for, The Letters of Faith, where you will find the fullness of “The Holy Spirit” represented within those pages as well.

It is my sincere prayer that The Holy Spirit will anoint you NOW, and bless you with a calming peace, joy and knowledge of the fullness of His presence.   I also pray that His gifts abound in your life and ministry, for the glory of our Master, Messiah and King!