New Covenant

An Introduction worth reading:

I pray that visitors to this online presentation of The Exalted Name Bible™ will stop and read this introduction page to the New Covenant.  The other intro and information pages are valuable to this work as well.  This translation of Scripture, though, is significant to presenting the truth of the Inspired Word; a deeper revelation worthy of review.

Removing The Exalted Name.

The systematic elimination from use of The Exalted Name, occurred during the Babylonian captivity.

All reference to YEHOWAH and YEH, (The Exalted Name of Scripture), was removed from all writings, and silenced in oral use, two thousand years before Messiah was born.

Forgetting The Exalted Name:

Only the High Priests and select Scribes knew the code that was used to decipher and vocalize The Exalted Name.  That coded information was passed from generation to generation.  Over time, though, even the elect of Yehudah (Judah) forgot the vowel points to the tetragrammaton (YHWH).  By forgetting, the Jewish scholars opened the door for the ancient Hebrew language Gentile scholars, to gain an understanding of, and for, The Exalted Name.  The work of those scholars, completed centuries ago, allows for this edition of Scripture.

Vital Information:

By the time of Messiah, all reference to YEHOWAH and YEH were mostly forgotten.  By their reaction to the Messiah, however, I believe that some of the Priests and leaders of Yehudah retained some awareness.  This is vital information…

The Exalted Name shining again:

The New Covenant reveals the vital nature of these matters.

When Gabriel visited Zachariyeh in the Temple, the name given for his yet unborn son (with Elisabeth) was an anomaly for their time.

Translated as John, and we call him, John the Baptist, his Hebrew name is Yehanan!  Yehanan means: “YEHOWAH has been gracious”.

Another – Greater Name:

Similarly, when Gabriel visited Mary, The Exalted Name given to her, for her Son, was an unknown Word to her as well.  By their reaction, however, it seems that the High Priests may have understood the meaning of His Name.  It is possible, therefore, that in their understanding, their hatred of Him grew whenever His name was mentioned.  Not knowing His Fullness though, every mention of His Name, in their eyes, blasphemed The Exalted Name.

Who is this?

After His death, resurrection and ascension, Yehoshua’s Exalted Name was erroneously, and maybe even maliciously, changed to Iesus.  Further degradation occurred when that name was somehow transliterated to Jesus.  The final transliteration of His Name took place sometime around the thirteenth century.  Iesus, by the way, was a Greek god…

My prayer for you, and for this work.

May you find The Exalted Name Bible™ edition of Scripture relevant, rewarding and worthwhile to your studies and faith walk.

Then, as you walk to the praise, honor and glory of Yehoshua ha Mashiach, may we all, through Him, exalt The Exalted Name of YEHOWAH, once again!

What does His Name mean?

The Messiah’s Name, YEHOSHUA, by the way, means, YEHOWAH’S DELIVERER!

Thank you for your patience and prayers!

Lawrence T. (Larry) Vosen, Ph.D.

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Publication of the final New Covenant book of The Exalted Name Bible™, occurred on April 30th, 2011; at 4:30 A.M.  Praise unto YEHOWAH, our Father in heaven, through His Messiah; our Master and King, Yehoshua ha Mashiach.

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