New Covenant

I wholeheartedly pray that visitors to this online presentation of The Exalted Name Bible™ will stop and read this introduction page to the New Covenant, (as well as all of the other Introductory and Informational tabs) because this edition of Scripture differs considerably from any Common Version of the Bible available today.  And, the differences are such that I am compelled to offer a few reminders that will enhance the fullness of the Word that we have been given.

Perhaps the single most important fact that must be remembered is that The Exalted Name, in every form of written and oral presentation, was systematically eliminated from use during the Babylonian captivity.  Two thousand years before the Messiah was born, all references to YEHOWAH (The Exalted Name of Scripture), as well as to YAH, the abbreviated form of His name, and the suffix (ending) attachment to other names and words, was removed from the writings and silenced in oral use.

As time passed, only the High Priests and select Scribes knew the codes that were used to decipher and vocalize The Exalted Name, and that information was passed along from generation to generation.  As noted in our opening pages, however, over time, even the elect of Yehudah (Judah) forgot the fullness of these things, which is what opened the door for the Gentile scholars of the ancient Hebrew language and text to gain an understanding of, and for, The Exalted Name, and which allows for this edition of Scripture.

For the general public, however, by the time of Messiah, all references to YEHOWAH and YAH were long forgotten, except by the Priests and leaders of Yehudah.  This is vital information…

Furthermore, the vital nature of these things comes to the forefront of the New Covenant, because (for instance) when Gabriel visited Zachariyah in the Temple, the name given for the son to be born unto him and Elisabeth, “Yehanan”, was an anomaly for their time.  While the name has been translated as John, and while we know this man as John the Baptist, his name was/is Yehanan, and it means: YEHOWAH has been gracious.

Similarly, when Gabriel visited Mary, The Exalted Name given to her, for her Son, was an unknown Word to her as well.  Within the general public, only the High Priests and some scribes understood the meaning of His Name.  And, in their understanding of these things, every time His name was mentioned, their hatred grew, because clearly (in their eyes) He was blaspheming The Exalted Name.

And, of greater significance, is the fact that The Exalted Name was erroneously, and I believe maliciously changed to Iesus (a Greek god), and then somehow transliterated to Jesus, sometime around the thirteenth century.

I wholeheartedly pray that you find The Exalted Name Bible™ edition of Scripture to be relevant, rewarding and worthwhile to your studies and walk of faith.  May our Master, Messiah and King, YEHOSHUA ha Mashiach, be praised, glorified, magnified and exalted; and through Him, may The Exalted Name of YEHOWAH, our Father in heaven, be eternally exalted; for unto Him is the honor always.

The Messiah’s Name, YEHOSHUA, by the way, means, YEHOWAH’S DELIVERER!

Thank you for your patience and prayers!

Lawrence T. (Larry) Vosen, Ph.D.

PS. The editing and publication (here) of the final book of the New Covenant was posted at 4:30 A.M. on April 30, 2011. Praise be unto YEHOWAH our Father in heaven, through His Messiah, our Master and King, YEHOSHUA ha Mashiach.