The Letters of Faith

The Letters of Faith

For Seekers and Disciples

YEHOSHUA ha Mashiach.
(Yeh-hO-Shue-Ah  ha  Ma-she-ah)
(Jesus the Messiah)

Welcome to The Letters of Faith.

The Letters of Faith have been in use for 30 years at “”; an instrument of “Christian” teaching and discipleship training.  Each letter is topically driven and intended to aid all who desire a deeper understanding of Scripture, and a closer walk with our Heavenly Father, thru YEHOSHUA ha MASHIACH (Jesus the Messiah).  During their 30 years online, the traffic data compiled at the web servers indicate that The Letters of Faith have been touched by over three million visitors.

Individually, each letter is meant to help every seeker and/or disciple gain the maximum knowledge possible, in as short a time as possible.  We all learn at our own pace though, which makes this work even more helpful, because you set your pace.  The subject matter is here at your disposal, and it is available whenever (and now, almost wherever) you want or need…  The Letters of Faith can now be found at both: as well as at; increasing their exposure considerably.

The connectivity between The Letters of Faith™ and The Exalted Name Bible™ occurred in a natural progression, because while studying for The Letters, the fullness of The Exalted Names was discovered.  And now, The Exalted Names are being used throughout The Letters of Faith™, just as every full Scriptural Quotation withing The Letters™ comes from The Exalted Name Bible™.  (That is the primary change from the original series of Letters – as they existed throughout the early years of their existence).  It is my fervent belief, that the proper use of The Exalted Name(s) will have a profound impact on the lives of every disciple of YEHOSHUA the Messiah – and the world – which is why I have made every appropriate correction within these writings.

Letter 22 explains in detail the full discovery of The Exalted Name, and how that Name has impacted  The Letters of Faith™.  Although letter 22 is a recent posting, it is probably prudent to begin your reading at that point, and then return to letter 1.  Otherwise, everything will sound foreign and out of place.  Primarily, for your information, we are discussing eight basic Names that deserve our consideration.  I believe you will find the time spent in discovery within Letter 22 to be worthwhile.

The eight “Special” and/or “EXALTED” Names and Words are:

  1. YEHOWAH:  The Exalted Name!
  2. YEH:  The abbreviated version of The Exalted Name!
  3. EL:  Singular rendition of the word we interpret as “God”.
  4. ELOHIM:  Plural rendition of the word we interpret as “God”.
  5. YEHOSHUA:  The only correct and full Name of the Messiah.  (The name JESUS is a transliterated – “sounds like” name, but is NOT His proper name).
  6. Messiah:  Replaced by the title, “Christ” for unknown reasons.
  7. Master:  In relationship to the word, “Lord”, and finally,
  8. lord:  As the word should be used.

I think too, that you should read my, “Author Biography” page, located at the very end of these writings, because you should know who I am, and where I have come from, in order to gain any confidence in the presentations that I am making to you.

Of additional significance is the fact that collectively, The Letters of Faith™ offer an uncompromising defense for the inerrant truth of Scripture, while also presenting a prophetic message for our twenty-first century society.  Throughout these pages you will discover a firm preservation of Scripture, as well as the full presentation of the One True Creator, and the manner in which He created and deals with His creation.  The very heart of these teachings is based upon the fact that Biblical absolutes exist, and the whole of Scripture is the foundation of life; YEHOSHUA ha Mashiach Himself being the cornerstone.  For that reason, wherever and whenever possible, Scriptural absolutes will be shown and proven, making The Letters of Faith™ a rare read in today’s relativistic, humanistic and synthetic age.  Every effort has been made to present the fullness of Elohim’s truth to you in His love, and every relevant Scriptural reference will be provided to support every conclusion drawn.

These writings are intended for anyone seeking the truth about God (Elohim), but I warn my visitors from the outset, that if you are merely looking to have your senses tickled, you will be wasting your time here.  Every ounce of patience is expended in a sincere attempt to convince the student / disciple of the truth of Scripture; to convince you that we serve The One True Living Elohim.  I will not, however, compromise this teaching to satisfy any specific religious bent, nor will I bend Scripture to accommodate society’s thoughts, whims or fashionable trends.  Humanity, including much of the supposed church, has abandoned the fullness of the truth found within Scripture, and it is my sole intent to restore the fullness of His teaching in the hearts of His Children.  To the unsaved and unknowing I offer these pages in the love of YEHOSHUA, praying for your enlightenment.  I will not, however, compromise the truth of His Word in order to accommodate humanity’s interpretation of ‘love’, nor will I compromise the fullness of Elohim’s Love in order to accommodate humanity’s false interpretations and implementations of His Word.  The fullness of Scripture stands behind these teachings, so if you believe an error exists within these pages – prove it by and through His Word!  I am an obedient student as well…

The Letters are written in an extremely personal format.  This is mostly attributable to the fact that they truly did originate as literal letters to beloved friends or seekers of the truth.  Yet even though the private information has been removed from these missives, the primary objective of helping the lost in their search for the truth, and of training the disciples once the truth has been found, has not been lost.  Due to the progressive nature of these writings, therefore, you will discover a natural transformation developing in the format and content of The Letters.  This transformation presents itself naturally as The Letters proceed from the Seeker level to the Disciple level.

As you will quickly see, this progression of thought causes The Letters to be presented in two tiers:

The first ten letters are addressed to, “Dear Seeker”, and are foundational in their content.  These letters are useful to anyone who does not know God (Elohim), but who is seeking to know about Him and about His Word.  While every search for the truth of Scripture is laden with questions, The Letters attempt to answer those questions, while also offering a tremendous amount of food for further thought and growth.  Additionally, I have sincerely attempted to offer a nonjudgmental approach toward the personal search for knowledge of YEHOSHUA ha Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah).  Not only am I an obedient student, I am a sinner as well, and as such, I am in no condition to judge anyone.

The second series of letters are addressed to, Dear Disciple, and these latter writings represent a natural progression of communication between the teacher and those who have found YEHOSHUA ha Mashiach as their personal Messiah, Master and King.  While discipleship training is the primary thrust of these writings as a whole, and it is understandable that those who already know YEHOSHUA personally would want to begin their studies in these latter letters, I strenuously recommend that The Letters be read in sequence (except for the reading of Letter #22).  The intimacy developed throughout these writings, and more importantly, the foundation that is laid within the first ten letters, is crucial to understanding the entire series, because they clearly show the methods, motivation and mannerisms of this teacher.

In neglecting to maintain the full teaching of the Inerrant Word of Elohim (with power and authority), as well as in neglecting to empower the body of YEHOSHUA as priests unto Him, the ‘church’, especially in the last one hundred and fifty years, has gradually and systematically abandoned the Apostolic teachings of the first century, and has chosen instead to produce spiritless, lifeless, powerless, uneducated “converts”, to various systems of belief, which today have no foundation in anything other than what is modern, acceptable and accommodating to a humanistic society.

With that said, please understand that in speaking of the Inerrant Word of Elohim, I am speaking of the complete reliability of Elohim’s written Word (Scripture); the Bible as it was originally inspired.  Aside from a personal relationship with YEHOSHUA, therefore, another basic foundation to our Discipleship is our fervent belief that the Bible contains the absolute, objective truth, as revealed by Elohim, in every area that it touches, and that it is without error, not only when it speaks of values and spiritual matters, but it is also without error when it speaks of history and the cosmos.

In today’s world, that is a watershed teaching!

In his book, The Great Evangelical Disaster, Dr. Francis Schaeffer describes a watershed thus: “One time I was on a high rock ridge, with a valley on both sides.  There was snow on the ground along that ridge.  The snow was lying there unbroken, a seeming unity.  However, that unity was an illusion, for it lay along a great divide; it lay along a watershed.  One portion of the snow when it melted would flow into one valley.  The snow which lay close beside would flow into another valley when it melted…  On that particular ridge the melting snow which flows down one side of that ridge goes down into a valley, into a small river, and then down into the Rhine River.  The Rhine then flows on through Germany and the water ends up in the cold waters of the North Sea.  The water from the snow that started out so close along that watershed on the other side of the ridge, when this snow melts, drops off sharply down the ridge into the Rhone Valley.  This water flows into Lake Geneva, and then goes down below that into the Rhone River which flows through France and into the warm waters of the Mediterranean.  The snow lies along that watershed, unbroken, as a seeming unity.  But when it melts, where it ends in its destinations is literally a thousand miles apart.  That is a watershed.  That is what a watershed is.  A watershed divides.  A clear line can be drawn between what seems at first to be the same or at least very close, but in reality ends in very different situations.  In a watershed there is a line.”

Although more than 30 years old, The Letters of Faith™ are a watershed teaching!  You will find dividing lines between today’s church/society, and these writings, throughout these pages, because I believe absolute truth exists!  Good and evil exist!  Right and wrong exist!  Therefore, I will take every opportunity to draw the appropriate line in the sand in defense of the Word of Elohim – in His love – for our salvation and disciplined growth.

Aside from a complete failure to maintain and uphold the Inerrant Word of Elohim, the church and society have also failed to fully believe their Creator, and have thereby missed the mark, in many significant ways.

As an example of this failure, permit me to begin with just one very pressing matter, because this matter is truly vital:  Bluntly stated, how many professing “christian’s” and “christian denominations” (churches) support, or at least find no fault in, ABORTION? Here is our second watershed issue then, because (plainly stated) you cannot believe in, support the legality of, or endorse in any way, the act of abortion, and still consider yourself to be a disciple!  (Psalm 139 to begin)…

While Elohim seeks dynamic disciples who live for His glory, history clearly shows an endless stream of countless generations of would-be disciples, who have become lifeless listeners, with humanistic moorings; people who appear content in their role as Sunday morning spectators; who accommodate everything deemed “appropriate” by society, in spite of Elohim’s Word.  As we approach the end time period though, Elohim’s call is causing many souls to grow increasingly uneasy with their assigned role within those ‘churches’, and is driving them to search for truthful answers and powerful applications.  The Letters of Faith™ are a product of one disciple’s attempt to help those who are seeking to know the truth about Elohim and His Word, as well as about the fullness of fellowship with Him through His Son, YEHOSHUA ha Mashiach; help to not only find His truth, but to actually LIVE that truth in their daily walk with Him.  Abortion is an issue vital to living that truth in our daily walk with Him!

The primary motivation in writing these letters and submitting them in this format, therefore, is because YEHOSHUA has laid a burden on my heart for His truth, and for His body (the Ekklesia).  Too many false doctrines have permeated our world, turning too many hearts away from YEHOSHUA.  The Letters then, are an appeal to the body of Messiah to trim their lamps and prepare for the eminent return of our King.

Furthermore, the discipleship process is an unknown commodity today.  The Nicolaitans (those who would suppress a believer from walking in the fullness of the power and authority of Elohim) have told us that most of the gifts are dead, have allowed the undisciplined use of the gifts they do permit within their assemblies, have taught that repentance from sin is no longer necessary, or have turned away those disciples who dare challenge their false authority and incorrect teachings.  In His rebuke of the Nicolaitans though (Revelation 2:6,15) YEHOSHUA spoke directly to the end time Ekklesia, and in His chastisement, we find the hope that we can overcome our complacency, repent from our apostasy and become the true harvest reapers we are meant to be, because we are that end time Ekklesia.

The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) has been ignored for far too long, but Elohim’s Prophetic Word dictates that the faithful development of disciples must ultimately overtake the conceited approach of expansion via converts.  Presently, soldiers in YEHOSHUA’S army are undisciplined and untrained, leaving the world ripe for the deceptions of the Antichrist.  The Letters of Faith are designed to raise the banner of discipleship unto YEHOSHUA once again, so that Elohim’s soldiers may be fully trained and armed for the battle in which we are already engaged.  Do you understand that? The battle is already engaged!  The question begs asking though: Where are you in this fight for the glory and majesty of our Master, Messiah and King? Where are you in this battle for the souls of HIS children?

As stated earlier, a topical concordance has been developed especially for these teachings.  This concordance is provided to offer Scriptural support for every conclusion, thought and nuance revealed within these writings, and it upholds Scripture’s law of validation.  Additionally, I had two other reasons for developing this concordance: First, as stated, I believe in the absolute, objective truth of the Word of Elohim.  Therefore, I am led to encourage every disciple to study His Word.  This concordance is a great study tool.  Second, I believe YEHOSHUA was serious when He uttered the Great Commission.  I was moved to develop the concordance in order to help every reader gain an in-depth insight into numerous topics, quickly, thereby enabling them to use that insight in the training of other new disciples.  Every true Seeker and Disciple is strenuously encouraged to study the concordance materials, as well as any other tool available to them, in order to faithfully discern the truth of every matter discussed.

It is no longer an acceptable practice, in light of the times in which we live, to remain involved in ministries that do not faithfully and Scripturally feed our souls, either in teaching, or in the practice of a disciples’ true walk.  It is no longer acceptable to support or uplift any ministry, either financially or in the use of our spiritual gifts, which is more concerned with building empires than with feeding and clothing the poor, downtrodden, orphaned or widowed.  We must focus upon tending to Elohim’s End Time Harvest, or with assisting those faithful disciples who are doing these things.  It is wholly unacceptable in Elohim’s sight to support in any fashion, an establishment more concerned with programs than people, personal gain over forwarding the Gospel message, walking denominational lines instead of promoting the love and truthful Word of Elohim, being politically correct instead of being Scripturally accurate (regardless of the social consequences), or being lukewarm – neither hot nor cold – instead of being on fire for YEHOSHUA and for His people.  Scripture screams for these matters to be heard, but these are not matters that tickle our ears.  The Letters, while personal, are never meant as ear tickling devices.  Succinctly stated, if Elohim is not being fully served in a ministry, someone else is, and that someone else is Satan…

Throughout the institutions, we can find littered bodies of babies in Messiah, who with much bravado and fanfare have been led to the “throne of God in Jesus Christ”, and have then been allowed to starve as they squirm for a drop of spiritual milk or a morsel of spiritual food.

Throughout the institutions, we find faithful children of Elohim crying for the meat of His Word, and for fulfillment in their spiritual walk, only to be frustrated by the false teachers and preachers who would have us believe that our knowledge is inadequate, our gifts either dead or undisciplined, and our fulfillment already achieved.

Throughout many institutions, we can find warriors of The Way, who have discerned a false teaching, and confronted the prophets of Babylon, only to be battered for questioning the long-standing theological beliefs of a particular congregation or denomination.  And once belittled, they have been told to mature, learn to compromise over the lesser issues, or leave.

Throughout the institutions, we can find seats that were once occupied by faithful, reverent believers, who, not denying the fellowship, are weary of continued abuse at the hands of the Nicolaitans, and who are fatigued by the unscriptural and unholy practices being presented today in the name of Jesus Christ.  These are brethren who have discerned the presence of Satan at the pulpit, and who now wander the wilderness in search for unity with the EKKLESIA.  In an ever-increasing throwaway society, however, these faithful believers are being replaced so rapidly by “new flesh”, attracted by high profile ear tickling programs, that their absence seemingly goes unnoticed.  YEHOSHUA NOTICES!

Beloved brethren around the world are suffering tremendously at the hands of the false shepherds, false prophets and oppressive governments, but the message is the same: pastors who desire our energy and money, but who care little about our walk with YEHOSHUA, or the fulfillment of our life purpose, have overtaken the realm of religion under the guise of being “ministers of God”.  These false practitioners have literally surrendered the body of the Risen Messiah to Satan.  Although piling mounds of converts, these false leaders have no intent of making disciples for Messiah.  The intent of the ministry of The Letters, therefore, and the primary purpose for expanding our ministry to include The Exalted Name Bible™, is to help feed the flock, eliminate the pain and suffering within the Body, and aid in the cessation of deception.

I believe the EKKLESIA, the true Church, desires to hear that which Elohim has revealed, and is truly awakening to His desires.  The questions answered within The Letters of Faith, and the issues discussed, are in direct response to our struggle to comprehend the noticeable differences between what we see in the world and hear in the religious (Babylonian) institutions, and what we believe we are hearing Elohim say throughout Scripture.  The truth, be it known, will show the differences to be substantial!

Please do not be offended by the very hard-line approach I take toward the religious institutions.  Watershed issues exist that must be exposed.  My burden, however, is solely for the EKKLESIA, and I seek only for the body to be everything YEHOSHUA deserves and desires us to be.  If you are walking faithfully with Elohim, my remarks should not upset you one iota.  If, however, my approach tweaks at your righteousness, and causes you to reevaluate your walk, then I have accomplished one of my goals.  While my desire, and my sincere hope is that The Letters will assist every individual in their walk with Elohim, so that we may all hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25:21ENB), too much work lies before us to allow the sowers of weeds to interfere with the harvest.  I will not permit political or religious correctness to subordinate Scripture.  Nor will I allow faithlessness to interfere with the display of Elohim’s love.  If you have sincere questions, please write.  I am dedicated to turning hearts back to Elohim in the fullness of His Word, and this can only be done in His love, thru the guidance of His Holy Spirit…

There is no claim of inerrancy to accompany these writings.  Nor is there a claim of divine appointment or inspiration.  The Word of Elohim is the backbone of The Letters of Faith, and I believe the greatest asset of this work is the concordance that can be found at the end of every letter.  Additionally, a complete version of the Topical Concordance is offered as a separate item on this book, which is intended to simplify your search for individual topics.

Admittedly, The Letters of Faith™ are unlike any other publication you have visited or read.  The Letters are not brief, and the lessons actually require work on your part.  I do not anticipate writing any additional letters though.  My focus today has moved to The Exalted Name Bible, through which I may write short missives on occasion.  The Letters, however, will be maintained and kept current, and will freely accompany The ENB website for however long the Master allows!

Your questions and thoughts are coveted though, because the goal of assisting all seekers and disciples will not stop until YEHOSHUA returns, or until He decides to take me home, whichever comes first.  If you are being spiritually fed by this work, I encourage you to drop me a note.  You may just be an encouragement to me as well…

Thank you for visiting and / or purchasing The Letters of Faith.  I sincerely pray that YEHOSHUA blesses your time here.  I remain faithfully and humbly your servant in YEHOSHUA our Messiah,


PS.  As time has passed, and technology has advanced, The Letters have been reformatted for e-Book publication at Kindle or

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