Letter 20: Beware The False Prophets and False Teachers

The Letters of Faith
Letter 20: Beware the False Prophets and Teachers

“Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the false circumcision”
(Philippians 3:2 ENB).

My Dearest Brethren;

I sincerely and wholeheartedly pray that this letter finds you well, and ever growing in the love and faith of our Beloved Master, Yehoshua ha Mashiach.  Your letters over these past years have been uplifting and challenging, and your inquiries are always a treasure.  Thank you for your prayers and concern.  By the grace of Elohim, we are well.

It has been many years since I penned my first letter to you, beloved; a letter seeking for the purity of faith in the midst of the spiritual battle being fought for our souls.  Little did I realize at that time, however, just how insidious and intense this battle was going to become.  Little did I appreciate the prophetic nature of those warnings either, both for you and for myself.  Additionally, it has been over thirty years since Yehoshua has allowed us to place these writings online; allowing a glimpse of faithful discipleship to a vast audience throughout the world.  I intentionally do not know the traffic count at this website, but I personally respond to all my email, and that is developing into quite an opportunity, to say the least…  Praise unto Yehoshua!

I am writing again today though, my brethren, to reinforce my earlier warnings about the spiritual warfare in which we are engaged.  As in all things, this Internet tool can be a force for evil just as easily as it can be used for good.  Therefore, it is vital that everything written and presented under the banner of “faith”, be scrutinized closely and tested ever so fiercely and thoroughly; upheld against Elohim’s Word.  And yet, all too often, as has been the case for centuries, we are reading and listening to the works of deceivers; we are hearing the false prophets and false teachers, who abide in their own delusions and deceptions, and who seek to ensnare our souls, and many are failing to prove the validity of these deceivers.  We must pay close attention to what we read, watch and hear, beloved, because the evil one is to be revealed soon, and we must not be deceived.

The intent of this brief note, therefore, is to warn the beloved Ekklesia, against the false prophets and false teachers who are growing in number and shrewdness, and who are even presenting themselves as “God’s Messenger”; as “The Messenger”, or even as, “Apostles sent to seek out and teach other Apostles”.  Practically each one of these deceivers is declaring that they are the incarnation of the spirit of Elijah (a sure proof of the false nature of their testimony, because they are not even coming in the Name of YEH)!  Nevertheless, they proclaim to be the fulfillment of prophesy in the end time…

While it is true that these lost souls are the fulfillment of Elohim’s Prophetic Word, in so much as false prophets and false teachers shall abound in the last days, it must be noted that unless their messages unite wholly with the Word of Elohim – without any error whatsoever – then their messages must be wholly ignored, and these false practitioners must be rebuked.

In the time since my last writing, I have received countless letters from many of these “Messengers”, and can warn you that their tactical approach is nearly identical.  They first wish to complement the work of The Letters.  While they agree with these writings to a great extent, they wish to present their works for my “further enlightenment”.  Although they commend the nature of my relationship with Elohim, and compliment my “obvious” spirit of wisdom, knowledge, comprehension and understanding of Elohim’s Word, they nevertheless wish to add to that which Elohim has already given me.  While I in no way have ever presented these writings as inspired by The Holy Spirit, or portrayed in any way, shape or form that The Letters are infallible, the false prophets and false teachers surfacing in this age, are declaring their messages as being “Inspired from Elohim”.

How often have I insisted that you test my messages, either proving or disproving the content through the law of validation?  And, while I have never declared these writings as infallible; often remarking that certain findings are merely my opinion – based upon the Word of Elohim as I perceive it, these false prophets and false teachers are declaring their messages as being “from Elohim”, and therefore wholly inerrant.

Thus far, these declarations of inspiration, infallibility and inerrancy are lies and deceptions, and they must be rebuked wholeheartedly by the Ekklesia.  Be cautious though, beloved, because the voice of Eliyeh is yet to come, and it must not be ignored.  The voice of Elohim’s true Messengers shall ring forth on this earth one more time, and we must not turn away.  But we must test the spirit constantly, and know with the utmost certainty that the things we are listening to are fully of Elohim and not from the evil one.

How do we do this? First and foremost, the primary error I find in the messages being presented by the false prophets and false teachers surrounds the fullness of the Deity of Yehoshua.  Is this not precisely the warning issued in Elohim’s Word?  Is this not precisely the warning issued in my first letter? If Yehoshua is not proclaimed as Elohim; if Yehoshua ha Mashiach is not declared the Only Son of Elohim – made man; if He is not declared as Elohim Incarnate, (Elohim who LITERALLY lived as man and died for our sins), then the spirit and teaching is wholly false, and must be rebuked and ignored!

The second error to be found in the messages being presented by these false practitioners, involves The Holy Spirit.  I am incapable of telling whether all of the false messages that I have read and responded to are guilty of blaspheme against The Holy Spirit.  If they do not, I will be very surprised, because they most certainly do come very close.  Too close for me.  I could spend considerable time here quoting Scripture and referring to my past letters, but I choose instead to press on, trusting you to visit those earlier messages (especially Letter #1), and to compare all things with the Word of Elohim.  (Letter #23 has also been added to assist in an even greater understanding for the spiritual war that is taking place around us – and for us – today).

Over the years, in my discussions with these false messengers, I have pointed out the blasphemous teachings that their messages are spreading.  And, I point them to some of the more obvious errors that actually do exist in their writings.  The rebuke I receive when I confront them is as predictable as their opening approach:  I am told that any error within their message is entirely their fault, and while they thank me for pointing out the error (s), and dedicate themselves to correcting the mistakes, they nevertheless continue to declare that they are “Elohim’s Messenger, speaking forth the fullness of Elohim’s Word in the latter days.”

Invariably, these false prophets and false teachers also declare that even though their teaching might contain a human error here and there, they are, nonetheless, in constant communications with The Holy Spirit.  When I receive this sort of reply, I respond in one final message, saying that:


To this I never receive a reply.  And neither will you!

When Eliyeh and Enoch return, their message will be

The message declared by Elohim’s Prophets will always be so!  There can be no other way. And, the message declared by Elohim’s Prophets will ALWAYS agree with the whole Word of Elohim.  Although secrets may be revealed, the forthcoming revelations will always be based upon the fullness of Scripture.  ALWAYS!!!

Beware, beloved! The false prophets and false teachers are among us, and they are growing bolder in the intensity of their message.  Their zeal is ever so evident, yet their message is ever so deceptive.  Test the spirits!!!

May the Master of Glory, our wondrous Yehoshua, guide you and protect you.  May His Holy Spirit cover you and fill you with His wisdom, understanding and knowledge.  And may the Ancient of Days, the most blessed YEHOWAH, receive you joyously unto His bosom, through His Son, Yehoshua ha Mashiach.

I remain faithfully your brother in Yehoshua our Messiah and Master,


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