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The Letters of Faith™
Table of Contents

“Seek to abound for the edification of the Ekklesia” (1 Corinthians 14:12 ENB).

Letter #1:

Using the phrase, “Put on”, “Stand firm” and “Take up”, from Ephesians 6, Letter 1 introduces the readers to the realities of discipleship and spiritual warfare.

Letter #2:

This letter is a “how to” on prayer.  Here, we also compare the power of prayer to meditation.  Additionally, this letter discusses mercy, motives and righteousness, by comparing judgmentalism and forgiveness.

Letter #3:

Accompanied by a simple presentation of the Gospel Message, the primary focus of this letter is The Body of Messiah; the Church.

Additionally, though, you will also discover a discussion centering on a much needed revival for our world,

Letter #4:

According to Genesis 3, mankind is, “Made in the image of Elohim”.  Because we are image bearers, therefore, it is expected that we also direct our focus to reflect His nature.  This letter, then, reveals His perfect essence, in relation to the fact that “Elohim (God) is Love”. Letter four also shows how far we have fallen from our original position in the Garden of Eden.

Furthermore, this note reveals the truth, mannerism and realities of His discipline in our lives.  Finally, this message should be helpful to every seeker desiring to see Him for Who He Is…

Letter #5:

The Spiritual Gifts are covered here in broad strokes.  Obedience, however, is discussed here too, as is the matter of humility.  This letter shows how these matters are intertwined.

We also discuss abuses that will interfere with the walk of faith; abuses that interfere with us using our gifts.

Finally, the Wrath of Elohim is covered here too, because we must know the full nature of the One with Whom we must deal.

Letter #6:

The Holy Spirit, the Scriptures and the matter of, “Absolute Truth” is the focus here.  These matters, though, force us to focus on topics like:  Humanism, relativism and accommodation, as well as morality and zeal.

Letter #7:

Herein we begin a series on reconciliation.  Beginning with “The Curse of Sin”, as levied against Satan, Adam and Eve, (and us as well) in the Garden of Eden.

We also take a moment to speculate on “Time”, as Elohim may view it.  Then, in light of that view of time, we also dwell on the issue of Predetermination.

Letter #8:

The Consequence of Sin is Death, and death adds to our discussion on reconciliation.  By revealing the true nature of sin, this letter becomes extremely prophetic and exhortational.

Almost topically driven, we look into issues like: Abortion, Adultery, Divorce, Feminism, Homosexuality and a myriad of other watershed issues.

Letter #9:

Taking our discussion on reconciliation to another level, this missive discusses the Cure for our Sin, and introduces Yehoshua as our Messiah and Master.

Additionally, forgiveness; righteousness; reverence and overcoming sin are also discussed in this note.

Finally, Lucifer (Satan) and his motives, are exposed here as well.

Letter #10:

Although humanity, “Is created in the image of Elohim”, humanity, nevertheless, fell from grace in the Garden of Eden.  Herein, therefore, we reconcile the fact that, though fallen, we have the Freedom of Choice!  In spite of The Fall, humanity retains the freedom to choose over sin.

Here then, we emphasize the reality of faith and reconciliation through Yehoshua ha Mashiach, noting that repentance is the call of the day.

Our discussion on reconciliation ends here, just as our original letters addressed, “To Seeker”, end here.

Letter #11:

This letter is transitional.  Moving from the arena of a “Seeker”, and entering into a more advanced phase of a “Disciple”, this letter calls for increased determination and faith.

Yehoshua, united as one within Elohim (God) is given great exposure.  And thru the use of the acronym, “P*R*A*I*S*E*R”, this letter unveils the purpose, requirements, assurances, instructions, signs, expense and rewards of faithful discipleship.

Finally, immersion baptism is also taught here.

Letter #12:

This letter covers the topic of “works of faith”.  The truth about works in practice, however, and works in obedience unto Yehoshua, are also discussed at length.

Integrity and hope are stressed here too, making this an essential read for 21st Century Disciples.

Letter #13:

Addressed to Disciple, letter 13 begins a four-part discussion on our Spiritual gifts.  Letter 5, therefore, is expanded upon, while we learn that The Holy Spirit has in fact bestowed gifts upon every believer.

While letters 14 – 16 are much more detailed in content, this letter discusses the gifts of The Holy Spirit in broad strokes.

This letter, however, also contains a questionnaire that may prove useful to you, in discovering those gifts which the The Holy Spirit may have given you.  This is great stuff!

Letter #14:

The Sign gifts are the focus of this letter:  Prophecy; Gifts of Healing; Gifts of Miracles; Language of the Nations and Interpretation of Languages of the nations (“Tongues”) are all covered at length.

The false use of these gifts is also revealed, but a great deal of time is spent encouraging the Disciple in the faithful use and application of their Spiritual gifts.

Letter 15:

The Support gifts are our focus here.  The true nature of the gifts of Apostle, Evangelist, Prophet, Pastor and Teacher are all discussed here.

This letter further exposes the hireling and the Nicolaitan, while the positions of Overseer and elder are also discussed.

Finally, the controversial matter of female pastor’s, and female teachers (over adult men), is exposed.

Letter #16:

This note speaks very specifically of the Service gifts.

The importance, and true nature of the gifts of: Administration; Leadership/Authority; Service/Helps; Discernment; Exhortation; Faith; Giving; Mercy; Word of Knowledge and Word of Wisdom are all covered.

We also discuss “Deacons” within the Church.  Finally, false teachings surrounding the Deacon gift, and the false nature of the tithe, is also exposed.

Letter #17:

Here we talk about how we are to live as disciples in a “non-christian” world.  And, YES, we are living in a non-christian world!

With candor and ease, this discussion includes the topics of humility; thankfulness; obedience; faithfulness; integrity; honor; truthfulness; reverence; wholeheartedness; submissiveness; mercy; joy; and love.

Furthermore, the fruit of The Holy Spirit is compared to the deeds of the flesh, revealing even more lines in the sand.

In reality, this entire letter etches deeper into the line drawn in the sand in Letter #8.

Letter #18:

I reveal my personal thoughts and comprehension for/and about the tribulation period, and the snatching (rapture).  I also speak against the notion of a pre-tribulation rapture, which is popular today.

This letter is deeply prophetic, as herein I reveal the “Snatching”, as I perceive it to be.  Support for my conclusions come from the lives of Noah and Lot.

I also discuss “The Two Witnesses”, and “The 144,000” chosen ones of Israel.

Letter #19:

This is the last of the original Letters to the Disciple.

I provide some closing thoughts here, though, including a few bits of prophecy from Revelation 6 and 7.

Letter #20:

False prophets and false teachers loom large today, and this note is a warning to the Church.

Letter #21:

This is a prophetic message to the Body of Yehoshua ha Mashiach.

This work points to the Signs of Yehoshua’s Return – from Matthew 24.  It further exposes  the great harlot, Babylon, and proclaims the full Gospel of the Kingdom of Elohim through Yehoshua our Messiah.

Letter #22:  This is a VITAL Chapter!

Written in response to numerous inquiries into the existence of the Trinity; into the Triune Personalities of Elohim, this letter has become the linchpin of everything “Exalted Name Bible™”.

The very words I was studying revealed the Trinity!  And these discoveries demanded a much deeper study.

Laboring thru thousands of intense word by word examinations, digging into the Hebrew and/or Greek meaning of those words, I learned a great deal about the Names and Titles of our Elohim.  Surprisingly enough, the very interpretation and use of those Names PROVE the fullness of The Trinity.

Letter 22, therefore, is a must read for every Disciple of Yehoshua ha Mashiach!

I first gave thought to The Exalted Name Bible™ during this particular study.  Now complete, The ENB™ took twelve (12) years to assemble.

Letter #23:

This letter is a throwback teaching in the style of the original nineteen letters.  The topic of this discussion, however, is Spiritual Warfare.  Satan’s activity in our world is increasing day by day.  The proof of that fact glares at us every day!

As Children and Disciples of Yehoshua, however, we must recognize the evil about us, and knowingly fight the good fight.

Scripture speaks of, “The Spirit of Life”, but how about, “the spirit of deep sleep”?  Letter 23 unveils thirteen distinct areas of conflict between Satan’s negative spirit of influence – vs – The Positively Affective Spirit emanating from the throne of Elohim.

Elohim’s “Ministering Spirit”, is provided to us through The Holy Spirit, and is available to us TODAY.  As He promised, He has sent “Another Comforter”, and in His Comforter, we can live victoriously – even today!

The Concordance:

Arranged alphabetically, the Concordance for The Letters of Faith™ contains extensive Scriptural documentation for every conclusion and assertion made throughout these writings.

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