Table of Contents – With Descriptions.

The Letters of Faith – Table of Contents, with descriptions

“Seek to abound for the edification of the Ekklesia” (1Corinthians 14:12 ENB).

Letter #1: To Seeker, uses the phrases, “Put on”, “Stand firm” and “Take up”, from Ephesians 6, to introduce the seeker to the realities of spiritual warfare and discipleship. Because this is the first letter exchanged with the seeker, the format is somewhat different than the rest of The Letters.  As I read through The Letters though, I am amazed by the transformation in style that takes place as the discussions advance (and I wrote them). Hopefully, you will enjoy this transformation as well.

Letter #2: To Seeker, addresses prayer, judgmentalism and forgiveness.  This letter is a “how to” on prayer, and compares the power of prayer to meditation.  Additionally, this letter also speaks of mercy, motives and righteousness.

Letter #3: To Seeker, speaks about the EKKLESIA (The true Body of Messiah; The Church), and exposes the difference between religion and faith.  This letter also exposes the Nicolaitans, and calls for the revival and reformation of the Body.  The Full Gospel is presented here as well.  Furthermore, our manner of assembly is discussed, and the true nature of the long desired revival is uncovered.

Letter #4: To Seeker, talks of Elohim’s essence and nature, and unmasks the truth, mannerism and realities of His discipline in our lives.  The fact that “Elohim is Love” is revealed here, just as pride is also exposed.  This is a wonderful exposé on our Elohim, and should help any seeker to see Him for Who He truly is.

Letter #5: Introduces the Seeker to humility, the spiritual gifts and the correct administration of Elohim’s power.  Abuses to the gifts of The Holy Spirit are touched upon lightly, while obedience to Elohim’s will is discussed at length.  The wrath of Elohim is also unveiled, allowing us to see even further into the full nature of the One with Whom we have to deal.

Letter #6: To Seeker, addresses The Holy Spirit, Scripture and the issue and matter of TRUTH. Humanism, relativism and accommodation are all revealed here, just as morality and zeal are exposed.  The Holy Spirit is the primary focus of this letter though, and His role within the Trinity, along with the Father and the Son, is truly magnificent…

Letter #7: To Seeker, begins a series on reconciliation.  This note discusses the Curse of Sin, as levied against Satan, Adam and Eve (and therefore, unto the rest of us) in the Garden of Eden.  Predetermination is discussed, and the matter of “time”, as Elohim may view it, is also revealed.  The fall in the Garden of Eden, however, and the events immediately following the fall, are the primary focus of this note.

Letter #8: To Seeker, adds to the discussion on reconciliation, and speaks toward the Consequence of Sin.  This letter is extremely prophetic and exhortational, because it reveals the true nature of sin, and discusses issues like: Abortion, Adultery, Divorce, Feminism, Homosexuality and a myriad of other watershed issues.  Ahab and Jezebel are also uncovered here, and some very deep lines are drawn in the sand at this juncture.

Letter #9: To Seeker, discusses the Cure for our Sin, and therefore, takes reconciliation to another level.  Although YEHOSHUA has certainly been discussed in the earlier letters, He is introduced here as Messiah and Master.  The realities of forgiveness, righteousness, reverence and overcoming sin are also discussed in this note, and Lucifer and his motives are exposed as well.

Letter #10: To Seeker, finalizes the discussion on reconciliation by presenting the reality of our Freedom to Choose over Sin.  The fact that humanity is made in Elohim’s image is brought to the forefront of our discussion, and this letter exposes the deception behind the “once saved, always saved” theology.  Here, faith is revealed, reconciliation through YEHOSHUA ha Mashiach is sought; and repentance is the call of the day.  This is the last of the original letters “To Seeker”.

Letter #11: Is a transitional message that moves us from the Seeker phase, into the more advanced phase of a Disciple.  The thrust of this note, therefore, is discipleship.  YEHOSHUA as Elohim is given greater exposure, while the acronym, P*R*A*I*S*E*R, is used to reveal the purpose, requirements, assurances, instructions, signs, expense and rewards of faithful discipleship.  Immersion baptism is also discussed.

Letter #12: To Disciple, covers the area known as “works of faith”.  The equation, Faith + 0 = salvation, is introduced, while the truth about works in practice, and in obedience unto YEHOSHUA, is discussed at length.  Issues such as integrity and hope are also stressed.

Letter #13: To Disciple, begins a four-part discussion on our Spiritual gifts.  Here, the lessons of Letter #5 are expanded upon, as the disciple is informed that The Holy Spirit has in fact bestowed gifts upon the believer.  While this letter once again discusses the gifts in general terms, the following three letters are much more specific.  This letter also contains a questionnaire that will prove useful in discovering those gifts which the The Holy Spirit may have given you.  The unique nature of each individual is also exposed, and humility is once again brought to the forefront.

Letter #14: To Disciple, details the Sign gifts: Prophecy, Gifts of Healing, Gifts of Miracles, Language of the Nations and Interpretation of Languages of the nations (“Tongues”) are all discussed at length.  The false use of these gifts is also revealed, but a great deal of time is spent encouraging the Disciple in the faithful use and application of the gifts.

Letter 15: To Disciple, addresses the extent of the Support gifts.  The true nature of the gifts of the Apostle, Evangelist, Prophet, Pastor and Teacher are all revealed here.  This letter further exposes the hireling and the Nicolaitan, while also revealing the diluted nature of each of the gifts.  Overseers and elders are discussed here too, just as the watershed issue of female pastor’s and female teachers (over adult men) is exposed.  The “Master’s Supper” is spoken of here as well.

Letter #16: To Disciple, speaks very specifically of the Service gifts.  The importance and true nature of the gifts of Administration, Leadership / Authority, Service / Helps, Discernment, Exhortation, Faith, Giving, Mercy, Word of Knowledge and Word of Wisdom are all covered.  Deacons are also discussed here, because of the false teachings surrounding this gift, as well as the false nature of the tithe, is exposed.

Letter #17: To Disciple, talks about how we are to live as disciples in a “non-christian” world.  Issues like humility, thankfulness, obedience, faithfulness, integrity, honor, truthfulness, reverence, whole-heartedness, submissiveness, mercy, joy, love and a great deal more, are discussed with candor and ease.  The fruit of The Holy Spirit is shown here, just as the deeds of the flesh are openly revealed.  The fact that we are to be dead to self, yet alive unto YEHOSHUA, is discussed here as well, and in reality, this letter etches even further into the line drawn in the sand in Letter #8.

Letter #18: To Disciple, reveals my thoughts and comprehension for/about the tribulation period, and the snatching (rapture); and speaks directly against the pre-tribulation rapture teaching that is popular today.  This letter is deeply prophetic, in that it reveals the event of the snatching in its entirety.  The mysteries of the kingdom of Elohim, and YEHOSHUA’S teachings about Noah and Lot, are used to expose the revelation of the snatching, while the Two Witnesses, and the 144,000 chosen ones of Israel, are introduced and discussed.

Letter #19: Is the last of the original Letters to the Disciple.  Some closing thoughts are noted, and a few bits of prophecy are revealed.  Revelation 6 and 7 are quoted and discussed, and the truth of the 144,000 chosen ones of Israel is discussed at length.

Letter @20: Is addressed to The Brethren, and contains a brief warning to the EKKLESIA (Church), reminding them of the spiritual warfare being fought for our souls.  False prophets and false teachers are multiplying exponentially in these last days, and there are many who are boldly declaring themselves as “Elohim’s Messenger”, or “The Messenger”, or “One of The Witnesses”, and are proclaiming that they are either the incarnation of Eliyah, or are the end time Apostles, sent to lead us to a deeper anointing as “fellow Apostles”.  Beware the false prophets and false teachers!

Letter #21: To The Brethren, is a prophetic message to the Body of YEHOSHUA ha Mashiach.  This work announces the Signs of YEHOSHUA’S Return – from Matthew 24 – while further exposing the great harlot Babylon, and proclaiming the full Gospel of the Kingdom of Elohim through YEHOSHUA our Messiah.

Letter #22: To Disciple, has been drafted in response to numerous inquiries into the matter of the Trinity (or Triune Nature of Elohim).  In the course of discovery in preparation for this writing, however, much else was learned about the Names and Titles of our Elohim, and these matters are discussed at length.   This is a must read for every Disciple of YEHOSHUA ha Mashiach!  Furthermore, it was during this particular study that I was moved to begin working on The Exalted Name Bible, which, now complete, was twelve (12) years in the making.  All Scripture quoted within The Letters of Faith has been updated, and is now taken from The Exalted Name Bible.

Letter #23: To Disciple, is a throwback teaching more in the style of the original nineteen letters.  The topic of this discussion is Spiritual Warfare, and it is being revisited from Letter #1, because as we enter the latter days of this dispensation, the activities of the devil are increasing, and we must be knowledgeable of his endeavors.  Scripture, for example, speaks of things like, “The Spirit of Life” versus a contradicting “spirit of deep sleep”.  This letter unveils thirteen distinct and unique areas of conflict that exist between every negatively affecting spirit that the evil one has placed in the world today, and every Positively Affective Spirit emanating from the throne of Elohim, that has been sent to the Body of YEHOSHUA as a “Ministering Spirit” through The Holy Spirit.  The battle is RAGING today, beloved, and this letter unveils some of the primary areas of conflict.

Letter #24: To Disciple, discusses a revelation and teaching regarding the fullness of the Sabbath that has eluded Babylon for centuries.  We faithfully submit this revelation in the belief that the end time EKKLESIA will find considerable strength and fulfillment in the ‘doing’ of that for which we have been called.

The Concordance: The concordance is alphabetically arranged, and contains extensive Scriptural documentation for the conclusions and assertions made throughout The Letters of Faith.

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