Lord -v- Master

We already know that the “Common Version” of existing Bible translations, incorrectly interpret very simple words in many different ways.  Sadly, the multiple use of so many words contribute to misunderstandings and confusion.  And yet, those multiple uses remain.  Examples of incorrectly applied translations exist in the words, “Lord / lord / master / Master”, as well.  Sadly, that confusion reaches even to the words, “Lord -v- Master”,  when applied to Him.

Happily said, the truth is not that complicated.

"Lord -v- Master"

"Lord -v- Master"  Replacing the phrase, “The LORD” with His Exalted Name, provided another revelation, and that second revelation showed the incorrect use of the words, “God and gods”. Then, while repairing the words God and gods with El and Elohim, The Holy Spirit brought about yet another revelation.

The Trinity  Then, thru the fullness of that repair work, came yet another revealing; and that being the inconsistent use of eight (8) other words.  The primary problem here, though, was in the use of the words, “Lord -v- Master”, which I am now going to explain:

"Lord -v- Master": An Explanation

“Lord -v- Master”: An Explanation

The inconsistency in use of eight words cause confusion, at least for me, and again – I  do not like being confused.  Teachings meant to be straight-forward and direct, should not confuse anyone!

Besides, “Confused” or “Confusing” do not apply to The Holy Spirit!  Mystery shrouds Prophetic (Forth-telling) messages, but His inspired teachings never confuse His children.  This is especially true where a teaching is direct and specific in intent.

The children of Heaven are meant to be edified, built-up and established by His teachings.  He would never intentionally confuse them.  When speaking about our Master in heaven -v- our lord’s in this world, therefore, He was very purposeful and direct.
Satan, as we know, has other plans.

"Lord -v- Master": ADONAY Explained:

“Lord -v- Master”: ADONAY Explained:

"Lord -v- Master"  Seemingly interchangeable throughout the Common Versions of the Bible, are the words, “lord”, “Lord”, “lord’s”, “Lord’s”, “master”, “Master”, “master’s” and “Master’s”.

The laws of interpretation, however, demand that these words (upper or lower case) be used consistently.  The inconsistencies throughout the Common Bibles, however, are excessive, to say the least.  And, they even carried thru to the use of, “Master -v- lord”.

Amazingly enough, these eight words originate from only TWO Hebrew words…  The eight words used in English Common Versions of the Bible, stem from only two Hebrew words, and those Hebrew words are, “Adon” and “ADONAY“.

Golden Nugget - Major Point  Whenever Adon is used, the word we should be reading in our Bible must be translated as lord, lords, or lord’s – all lower case.

Furthermore, Adon is used only when a human is talking with, or about, another human, or another created being, such as an angel.  Adon is an expression of respect, man-to-man, or man to created being.  And, Adon is only used in the upper case at the beginning of sentences.  Study His Word and you will see!

Finally, the Creator, El or Elohim, is never referred to as, “Adon”!

Golden Nugget - Major Point  Unlike Adon, ADONAY is always used when any created being is talking to or about the EL or Elohim of Heaven; The Creator; The Supreme Being…

The Exalted Name Bible™ will frequently and consistently show ADONAY being Praised, Worshipped, Adored, and Spoken To, throughout Scripture.  This too is essential!

Appropriately used, Adon and Adonay are not confusing, and ADONAY always means “Master”! The Word always speaks of Him, making ADONAY permanently Capitalized.

"Lord -v- Master": Proper Interpretation is Essential

“Lord -v- Master”: Proper Interpretation is Essential:

When interpreted and used properly, the Inspired Word will always eliminate confusion.  The Exalted Name Bible™, therefore, focuses on the proper use of the Inspired Word.  The axiom, K.I.S. (Keep it simple) originated in heaven.
We need to add the second, “S” (Stupid) in order to personalize the advice.

"Lord -v- Master": Proper Interpretation is Essential  Comprehending the fullness of Scripture demands a devotion to study.  Scripture Demands Study!  The Holy Spirit has told us to seek understanding, “As if for Gold”.  He also commands that we gain knowledge and wisdom. Therefore, the acquisition of these things must be possible.

"Lord -v- Master": Proper Interpretation is Essential  The Holy Spirit did not confuse His Inspired Word, intentionally making it impossible for a faithful seeker to find answers!  His Inspired Word contains secrets for us to find, but confusion is not part of His design.

Therefore, the Exalted Name Bible™, appropriately uses “lord” and “Master” consistently from Genesis to Revelation, thereby eliminating as much confusion as possible.

I am confident that you will appreciate the consistency.


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