The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit (Ruach ha Qodesh)

Technically, the Third Person within the Trinity; the Third “Member” of our “Plural” Elohim, is “Ruach ha Qodesh”; The Holy Spirit.  We are not using His Hebrew Name, however, because as promised earlier, it is not the intent of this work to “Hebrewize” Scripture.

The Holy Spirit:  What Would that Change Add?

The Holy Spirit:  What Would that Change Add?

Making such a drastic change to the Bible adds naught to our understanding or comprehension of His Word, or His Personality.  The Exalted Name Bible™, therefore, consistently shows His Name, with all three words capitalized, because He is:

“The Holy Spirit”

Why even consider the change?

Significant acts and deeds took place whenever the “Ruach” (Spirit) of Elohim was mentioned.  That fact led to the notion of using His Hebrew Name.

Furthermore, by observing His Personage throughout Scripture, His Presence is actually palpable.  His emergence, especially as He is seen in relationship to The Father and/or The Son, became as if a light shone upon Him.  It is that light which has been dimmed for many eyes and for many centuries.

Removal of the plural, “Elohim”, hid The Holy Spirit from our view.  That removal significantly impacted all perception of Him.  His Name, “Holy Spirit” lost meaning, and the abbreviated, “Spirit” lessened the impact even more.  It is true!

Consistent use rescues again

By utilizing the fullness of His Name throughout the Whole of Scripture, however, I was better able to see His presence in profound measure.

As time has passed though, and as I completed the edit process of the Books of Scripture, I wrestled with the fact that IF I were to change the word, “Spirit” to “Ruach”, then consistency demanded the change of every reference to a ‘spirit’ (to read ‘ruach’ where applicable).  The result of that change, however, became a distraction.

Instead of producing clarity, references to “ruach’s” and “Ruach’s” and Ruach ha Qodesh became confusing.  In the end, following much prayer, I realized that by capitalizing His Name, we might capture  a complete view of His fullness.  He is “The Holy Spirit”!

The Letters of Faith™

Once the entire first Edit of The Exalted Name Bible™ was complete and online, I moved on to the edit process for The Letters of Faith.  You will find The Holy Spirit represented properly throughout those pages as well.

My prayer for you

I sincerely pray that The Holy Spirit will anoint you NOW, and bless you with a calming peace, joy and knowledge of the fullness of His presence.   I also pray that His gifts abound in your life and ministry; for the glory of our Master, Messiah and King!


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