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Information  Any information about this ministry, must begin with our Mission Statement.  So, aside from the caring, maintenance, and upkeep of our website(s), and our postings to our Social Media outlets on GAB, MeWe and Facebook, the mission of The Exalted Name Bible™  and The Letters of Faith™ ministry is very simple:

Ministry Information:

Ministry Information – Our Purpose:

Information  Our Mission is to seek and promote the global distribution of The Gospel of Yehoshua ha Mashiach (Jesus The Messiah), thru The Exalted Name Bible™ (begun in 2011), and thru The Letters of Faith™ ministry, joyously begun online in 1988 by Dr. Vosen.
All 24 Letters, by the way, are simply signed, “larryv”.

Ministry Information: Our Pro Life White Ribbon

Our PRO LIFE White Ribbon:


Information  While this “Pro Life White Ribbon” is not universally recognized as the symbol for LIFE, We Fervently Believe That It Should Be!

We have used this “Pro Life White Ribbon” label – online, Since 1988.

Setting aside its symbolic recognition, our display of this PRO LIFE White Ribbon is our very firm, and Scripturally supported, declaration and position statement on this matter of LIFE.

INFORMATION: Pro Life Movement Flag

In July, 2021, the official “Pro Life Movement” in America adopted a FLAG.  We proudly fly that flag at this website in support of the Pro Life organization:

ProLife Flag - Endorsed by ENB

Ministry Information: Closing Statement

Ministry Information – Closing Thought:

Information  Let it be known to all, therefore, that this ministry, and everything emanating from this ministry (these pages and/or from our Social Media statements and presentations), is wholly and eternally PRO LIFE, as well as dedicated unto our Heavenly Father – thru Yehoshua ha Mashiach, our Master, Messiah and King!

Ministry Information:

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Ministry Information: Copyright Information

The Exalted Name Bible™, (ENB)™
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2nd Edition © 2018-2022

The Letters of Faith™
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All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
Lawrence T. Vosen, PhD.


ProLife Flag - Endorsed by ENB