Exalted Name Bible™ in Audio

The Exalted Name Bible™ in AUDIO

Audible  With over 72 hours of uninterrupted recording, this ministry is pleased to provide The Exalted Name Biblein audio format.  Available today only thru Audible.com
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We sincerely pray that this audio recording will enhance your Bible Study and Reading enjoyment, and that our Father in Heaven will be greatly Glorified and Magnified thru this work.

Hearing the fullness of HIS Exalted Name(s) in use is electrifying, and having all the Hebrew names restored and spoken for you, will certainly add to your overall comprehension of Scripture.

The Exalted Name Bible™ in AUDIO:

The Exalted Name Bible™ in AUDIO – From AUDIBLE.COM

Audible  Audiobook: From AUDIBLE.COM (for all devices, including iTunes) – $29.95

MP3  I am sincerely trying to provide downloadable MP3 files of The Exalted Name Biblefor you, FREE.  Unfortunately, I am unable to locate these files online – anywhere at this time.  IF we ever locate the MP3 files, I assure you we will broadcast their free distribution for you immediately upon uploading.

MP3  In the interim, this is the lowest price I am allowed to charge for the audible version of the ENB – based upon size of content.  After all, there are over 72 hours of recordings here!

The Exalted Name Bible™ in AUDIO:

Audible  Additionally, and for Free, an Audio INDEX now available in a printable (.pdf) format.

INDEX for the audible version of The Exalted Name Bible
Audio Index – ENB

This is a Book by Book, Chapter by Chapter, Minute by Minute Index of The Exalted Name Bible in Audio TIME.

We sincerely hope this tool will assist every listener in locating and/or searching thru the Audible ENB, thus enhancing your listening pleasure…

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