New Postings

New Postings from Larry Vosen

The articles attached to this heading have been written by me over the past number of years and posted online at any number of Social Media websites, like Facebook & GAB. Because of the censorship exercised at those sites, however, I am re-posting them here and making them available to any and all interested souls.

Furthermore, as of this date, I have joined Truth Social at:  The Truth Social site restricts the size of articles, which limit the length of any expose’.  I am introducing this “New Postings” section to my website, therefore, thereby allowing links from to connect directly to some interesting reading material.

The posts herein represent my ‘Sentiments”, “Feelings” and “Spiritual Beliefs”…  And, just so you know, my sentiments and feelings are primarily rooted within the Spiritual wisdom, knowledge and understanding that I have gained thru a 40+ year walk with Yehoshua ha Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah) – and an intense study of His Word as provided thru The Bible!

Many of the attached postings are Political, some are Social, and others are completely Faith-Based.  I shall attempt to specify the direction of the post within its title.  Prayerfully, this will be acceptable.  Eventually, I will attempt to open this area of postings as a blog, but until I can assure the safety of the primary contents of my websites, The Exalted Name Bible and The Letters of Faith, I will restrict any and all access to my pages completely.

Please browse this website freely.  The Exalted Name Bible is FREE for the world to read, so that anyone with a computer can have access to The Written Word…

May our Elohim (God) in Heaven be Glorified, Magnified and Praised forever thru His Word!