The West Side Story – A Social/Political Post

“The West Side Story”

A Social and Political Posting

Shared April 28, 2022

I have now watched the 2021 rendition of the “West Side Story” twice, and this movie, along with the original 1961 version – truly causes one to reflect on the state of our society today.  While each rendition has strengths and weaknesses, which are irrelevant to this post, I must confess that the story itself touches a very tender spot for me.

As a 13-year-old, the ‘Gang’ scenario of West Side Story was prophetic, because shortly after seeing the movie, the guys I “hung with” all purchased the same style and color jacket, and maroon became our tag…  We were NOT violent, per se, but we were territorial. We were like a roving “Neighborhood Watch”, and the only victims to our presence, other than roaming groups of strangers, were the gardens we occasionally raided.

The primary function we actually performed though, was to Stop Bullying – at every conceivable level.  We stood in reinforcement of each other constantly, and we never fought internally or allowed any sort of bullying to exist within the group.  This was an unspoken law that was near and dear to each of our hearts – for very many reasons.

Everything changed, however, when high school began, and the “gang” went very separate ways.  Sadly, bullying was present throughout my high school days – and I HATED IT! Everything changed again though, when I entered the Army in 1966.  There, Green became the color of my new GANG, and I relished that comradery.

Nevertheless, America in the 1960’s was wrought with social tensions, and the original movie was a microcosm of the world we lived in.  Sadly, and horribly so, the 2021 remake of the movie once again reflects the societal hatred that had engulfed America. The worse part of this fact though, is that this hatred is a product of ONE presidential administration, along with the last 30 years of educational manipulation by a fringe group within our country.

Yes, I am loudly saying that the obama administration reintroduced a racial hatred within America that had slowly died thru decades of loving work, cooperation, and understanding.  Sadly, the same people who stirred that cold cauldron into a roiling tumult, persist in agitating those whom they have now indoctrinated into their belief system, and The West Side Story of 2021 is reality once again.

As a 73-year-old, I resent these truths a great deal!

It is very, very clear – to anyone willing to view American (and worldly) society, with an open and unfiltered eye, that the current presidential administration is merely a PUPPET regime of an extremely unhinged, hateful, destructive, violent and un-American cesspool of Liars, Deceivers, Thieves and Destroyers, who have Bullied and Cheated their way back into the seat of power…

Yes, friends, it is ‘barry sotereo’ himself (aka: B. H. Obama) who is the Puppet Master that everyone is too afraid to mention.

Toiling from his basement, and now openly making his presence seen again, barry is hard at work, laboring to complete the destruction of our country that he began in 2008.  And, sadly, the indoctrinated illiterates of his cult are strenuously at work, like Chico searching for Tony, seeking to destroy everyone and anyone who opposes their beliefs and antics.

Bewildering as it is, however, TOO MANY supposed conservatives in public service, have joined ranks with these Destroyers, and it is these RINO’S (Republican’s in Name Only) who must be exposed and removed from service immediately. These wolves in sheep’s clothing are WORSE than the tongue-in-cheek Liars of the demonrat party.

People like Lindsay Graham, Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell head the list of turncoats, who wear Red, White and Blue, but who clearly represent a rainbow of liberal ideas and ideals, and who can no longer be trusted to serve, “We the People”.  These RINO bullies must be exposed and removed from all areas of public trust!

Most people will not see how this attempted rape represents treason, or how these political traitors fit into the West Side Story gang scenario, because there weren’t any open traitors present within the gangs.

That is, unless you consider the Jets’ attempt to rape Anita in the drugstore, toward the very end of the movie, to be an act of betrayal to their core beliefs…

I DO consider their actions to be a treasonous betrayal, and that is the sad reality of my renewed viewing of this truly Great and Telling Movie.  The treasonous behavior of the Jets never registered in my 13-year-old mind, but this Senior Citizen recognizes the stench of their behavior today, and that acknowledgement truly motivates the writing of this post!

OPEN your eyes, folks, because America NEEDS an alert and knowledgeable citizenry, just as it did in 1776!!!

Red Rule

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