To Whom Do You Call – A Spiritual Poem by larryv

To Whom Do You Call?

A Spiritual Poem by larryv

Red Rule

To Whom Do You Call
When things go bad?
Do you knock on wood?
As if protection is had;
as if therein lies good?

Are you fearful of ladders?
To not walk underneath.
Walking fully around,
is this your belief?

Is breaking a mirror
an ill-omen perceived?
Or in carrying a rabbits-foot
is good fortune believed?

Do you Ouija
or gaze into bright crystal balls?
Believing they tell
who rises or falls?

To what do you bow
surrendering your soul?
As you read tea leaves or sticks
tossed into a bowl?

To whom do you call
in the darkness of night,
when things go bump
and you’re full of fright?

If the world has your answer
and yet you still doubt,
Turn your heart up toward heaven
where resides The True Clout.

For all of the world –
shudders in sight,
Of the only Messiah,
The only True Light.

His power and dominion
defeat every foe.
To His Majesty and Glory
alone ALL must go.

The others are phony
as plug nickels can be.
And only thru Jesus
is salvation for thee…

Red Rule

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Red Rule

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