Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit

Letters of Faith
Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit

“And He gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists;
and some, pastors and teachers, for the perfecting of the saints; for
the work of ministry; for the edifying of the body of Messiah”
(Ephesians 4:11-12 ENB).

Dear Disciple;

I sincerely pray that this letter finds you basking in the glorious peace and joy of our loving Master, Yehoshua ha Mashiach, and that your new-found brethren within your EKKLESIA are enjoying the liberty, majesty and power of our Risen Messiah, Who died for our sins, and Who now lives among us.

I realize how difficult it is to be “different”, even with The Holy Spirit abiding within, but imagine what oneness with Elohim in His kingdom, as a reward for being different now, will be.  Imagine too, if possible, how Stephen must have felt as he proclaimed the truth, while the people were picking up stones with which to kill him.  His oneness with Yehoshua at the moment of his death, when he prayed for Elohim to forgive his murderers, illumined his face, and it will illumine ours as well.

It is exhilarating to proclaim the good news to those who are enslaved by Satan, and then watch as the kingdom of darkness crumbles.

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit - Power & Authority

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit – Power & Authority:

When the seventy Disciples reported back to Yehoshua, after He sent them out in power and authority, He said, “I beheld Satan falling from heaven as lightning” (Luke 10:18 ENB).  The same authority issued to those Disciples is ours today, dear friend, as you will soon see in our discussions about the gifts.  And Satan’s kingdom is falling from heaven!

It must have been especially gratifying for all of you when your pastor stepped down from his pulpit and proclaimed an open assembly.  Continue to maintain your guard in this spiritual battle though, because one correct assembly does not make a revolution, and a small victory can turn into a major defeat, if we permit complacency to return to our hearts.

I was especially interested to read that a number of members within your assembly expressed a desire for discipleship training as well.  Elohim is truly magnificent! Use the material that is at your disposal, if you wish, and continue in your own studies as we exchange these messages.  It might be useful to dig out the letters that first brought you to the Master, and start from the beginning in your teaching to these brethren.

At whatever cost though, you must remember, if the cornerstone is not perfectly set, the whole building will be out of square.  Please insure that Yehoshua is perfectly placed within their hearts.

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit - Endowed With Gifts, a Questionnaire:

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit – Endowed With Gifts, & A Questionnaire:

By your request, let us now turn our attention to a wonderfully amazing spiritual reality: The fact that The Holy Spirit endows us with spiritual gifts (1 Peter 4:10-11).

As you already know, beloved, many people get uptight when this topic is broached; some even run away!  Personally, I strive to make every discussion on the gifts, a unique presentation of a glorious subject. I am certain that you will too…  Don’t let them run, though, because this is just too good!

Personally, I believe that so many ‘christians’ get upset when The Holy Spirit, and His gifts, are discussed, is because these are undisciplined individuals who not fully understand how we are supposed to assemble and grow in our Master; they do not know about obedience unto Yehoshua, as relates to our “Works”.  And, in their lack of knowledge, they run from Him.

While we may comprehend the principle of assembly at this time, we must also now comprehend the practice of assembly, because the gifts are given for a purpose (Ephesians 4:12-13), and in the fullness of His giving, and our receiving, that purpose will be met.

Today, for your consideration, I am submitting a second conversation about the gifts in general, and aim to discuss their overall function with you.  At the end of this letter, however, I am providing you with some questions and statements which, when answered or rated appropriately, may help you discover the Divinely appointed abilities endowed upon you by The Holy Spirit.  Use the questionnaire with your new students also.  Prayerfully, all will find the fullness of their gifting, and Yehoshua will be glorified…

In the following three letters, we will discuss each gift individually, and I pray that thru these discussions, The Holy Spirit will open your eyes to your potential within the EKKLESIA.  In the following letters I will also show where in Scripture each gift is introduced and supported, as well as direct you to passages that show the literal application and use of each gift.

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit - Three Classifications of Gifts:

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit – Three Classifications of Gifts:

Three Classifications of Gifts:  There are three classifications of gifts that The Holy Spirit gives to Elohim’s children.  They can be thought of as:
rd_dot  Support Gifts
rd_dot  Service Gifts, and
rd_dot  Sign Gifts

The full endowment of “gifts” that The Holy Spirit will present to any child of Elohim, as you will see, will – of necessity – be a mixture from any of these three classifications.

While the mixture of gifts He endows seemingly appears to support a primary gift, there is no limit to the number of gifts that He might allow within a mix, to any child.  The combinations of abilities that Elohim presents to the brethren constantly amazes me though, and I can assure you, that like snowflakes, no two receive identical “packages”.

The degree or intensity of any particular set of gifts therefore, given to any particular member of the body, will differ from member to member. (Romans 12:6).

For example:

These letters to you are the spiritual evidence of the gifts of administration, discernment, evangelism, exhortation, faith, knowledge, prophecy, teaching and wisdom, which I believe Elohim has given to me.  Although I have others, this is mostly an outreach teaching ministry, (support) which is enhanced by the other gifts.

The sum, I believe, allows me to help you fulfill your service to the body!

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit - Support Gifts

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit – Support Gifts:

During my seventeen months in Vietnam I was stationed at our group headquarters in Nha Trang for a year, and then went out to an A-team site (A-242 Dak-Pek), located in the central highlands of that country.

The front line assignment was dynamic, to say the least, but without the backup we received from the B-team, C-team and Headquarters, it would not have been a very dynamic situation at all.  We would not have been able to function as a fighting unit without their support.

Each member of the support teams, a ratio of at least ten-to-one for every member of an A-team, had to perform their functions to the best of their ability, in order for those A-teams to survive.  So it is with the support gifts (1 Corinthians 12:14-25), because they are the lifeline of the body.

The support gifts are the blood, nerves, bones, fingers, feet and heart of the body.  Without them, therefore, the body cannot survive.

The support gifts are:
Support Gift  Administration
Support Gift  Authority / Leadership
Support Gift  Discernment (Distinguishing of spirits)
Support Gift  Exhortation
Support Gift  Faith
Support Gift  Giving
Support Gift  Helps / Service
Support Gift  Knowledge
Support Gift  Mercy
Support Gift  Wisdom

Support gifts, therefore, are those that enable others within the body to perform their enabling work, which includes assisting those with Service Gifts and/or Sign Gifts.

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit - Service Gifts

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit – Service Gifts:

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit - Service Gifts:  While every child of Elohim is endowed with at least one or two of the support gifts, it is not necessary for many of His servants to possess service gifts or sign gifts.  Too many cooks spoil the pot.

The service gifts are:
Service Gifts  Apostleship
Service Gifts  Evangelism
Service Gifts  Pastor
Service Gifts  Prophecy
Service Gifts  Teacher

Service gifts, therefore, are those that give us the capacity to serve each other in open ministry.

I don’t think I have ever seen anything more spectacular than when the support gifts are  fully utilized than in the proper backup to the service and sign gifts.  While the sign gifts are amazing, and in their use they attract tremendous notice, attention and hype, and while those with certain service gifts seem to get a great deal of attention in our society, it is the support gifts that permit the entire Body to function properly.

And it is the encouragement, faith, assistance, guidance and direction given to the body through these support gifts that is exactly what the body is crying for today.

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit - Sign Gifts:

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit – Sign Gifts:

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit - Sign Gifts:  Finally, there are the sign gifts. These gifts can be viewed as the literal outward authentication of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Messiah Yehoshua, both to the world and to the body (1 Corinthians 14:22).

The sign gifts are:
Sign Gift  Effecting of Miracles
Sign Gift  Gifts of Healings
Sign Gift  Prophecy
Sign Gift  Languages of the Nations “Tongues” and the
Sign Gift  Interpretation of Languages of the Nations “Tongues”

These sign gifts, and especially the last two, are a tremendous source of conflict within the religious institutions today, because they can be faked with tremendous ease.

“Tongues of angels” and the “Interpretation” of those Tongues of angels, are a snap to pretend, and with a little assistance and preplanning, illusions can be arranged, allowing the presentation of phony healings as well.  Naturally, all phony usage of any gift is Satanic, but the phony use of these gifts is especially heinous!

False use of Sign Gifts – Example:

I have already told you about the false use of tongues that I witnessed in a Pentecostal / Charismatic gathering, where a man stood to speak in a tongue known to him (in this case it was Latin), and an “interpreter” rose to tell what the message was – not getting one word correct.

I have also told you about the televangelist who mocked Elohim in declaring that his walk with Elohim was perfect, therefore his body was perfect – while a young lady in a wheelchair sat helplessly as this “teacher” laid hands upon his congregation for “healing”.

This IMPOSTER intentionally ignored the young lady sitting in the first row of his congregation, while he continued his faithless charade.

Both of these situations reflect the abuse and misuse of the gifts confronting us today, and I will openly expose the false use of the gifts whenever and wherever I witness them.

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit - Spiritual Abuses

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit – Spiritual Abuses:

Many false teachers, false preachers and false prophets have surfaced over the past 60 years, who are more interested in numbers (especially financial) than they are in anything else.  Elohim is obscure to them.

In order to attract attention to themselves and their cause, however, these false expositors deceive others into thinking that Elohim must really behave the way they do, but Elohim is not the deceiver.

The true movement of The Holy Spirit of Elohim does not have to be (nor can He be) orchestrated by any human.  We simply need to faithfully use and apply what He has already given to His faithful children, and when we do, the fireworks from those faithful applications and actions will be fascinating enough.

Test the spirits, beloved, and rebuke the false practitioners!

As a side-bar, I have to tell you that I especially loathe fake healings, where when the “healer” lays hands upon a person, that person falls backward to the floor in a convulsive state (naturally necessitating someone stand behind the person “being healed” in order to catch them).

Consider the miracles wrought throughout the New Covenant, though, my friend, and you will see where Elohim has people leaping to their feet, not falling to the ground.

Satan is deceiving the world!

Satan's Sham  Is it any wonder Satan has been able to deceive the world into thinking Christianity is a sham?
Satan's Sham  Is it any wonder why professing ‘christians’ are not only skeptical, but also literally afraid to deal with The Holy Spirit within their own lives?

This wrong must be made right!  This error must be corrected!  These false teachers / preachers / prophets / healers and false speakers and interpreters of “Angelic Tongues” MUST BE EXPOSED for what they really are; they must be exposed as workers of deception and iniquity.

We do this work in love, but this work must be done for the Harvest to be complete.  And again The Spirit cries out, “COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE.”

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit - Expose the False; Support the True

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit – Expose the False; Support the True:

In my own long-winded way, I am expressing my outrage, as well as the desire of my heart, to expose the false, teach the correct, and help the EKKLESIA to fully understand who and what we are.

The gifts that we have been given are magnificent, but Satan has practically destroyed their beauty in our eyes.  Through his deceit, he has practically eliminated the power of their use in our hands, and presented us as demented and undisciplined radicals to the world.

Our Elohim is The Power of all creation though, and the gifts He bestows upon His children are as dynamic and powerful as He.

Furthermore, the gifts of The Holy Spirit are as dynamic and powerful today as they were when Yehoshua walked among us!  We are being timid in our faith walk, however, and Elohim appears puny to the world (2 Timothy 1:7).

It is our faith that has been puny though, not Elohim, and it is our lack of understanding for His Word that has caused this confusion.  We must seek for the fullness of the gifts that are already within us, dear friend, and we must utilize those gifts in this spiritual battle, against the foes of our King.

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit - Where To Be Found in Scripture:

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit – Where To Be Found in Scripture:

The gifts of The Holy Spirit are established, outlined, and in part, explained in three areas of Scripture:
Gifts Found Here:  Romans 12
Gifts Found Here:  1 Corinthians 12
Gifts Found Here:  Ephesians 4

We will refer to these passages frequently as we proceed in this teaching.  In your understanding of what the gifts are though, please do not lose sight of why we have been given the gifts in the first place.

What we have from Elohim is freely given unto us, which clearly signifies that what we have is to be freely given to others, for the glory of Elohim (Matthew 10:8).

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit - ALIVE Today

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit – ALIVE Today:

Many false pastors and false teachers teach that most of the gifts are not being given today. Some even teach that none of the gifts are given today.  This is especially true of the sign gifts and most of the service gifts.

Read the Word of Elohim though, beloved, because He says we will have the gifts until, “The perfect comes” (1 Corinthians 13:8-10).  Considering that Yehoshua, the Perfect, had already come, was crucified and died, was resurrected and ascended into heaven, when Paul was inspired to write those words, it is clear that Elohim is speaking of the second coming of Yehoshua as when, “The Perfect comes”.

Clearly, the gifts will be with us until the time of His return, and anyone teaching differently is a false teacher, who is intent on detracting from the fullness of Elohim’s Word.

Conversely, there is another movement afoot, in which another set of false practitioners are teaching that every disciple of Yehoshua must display every gift of The Holy Spirit…

Just as denying the use of some gifts defies the Scriptures, this teaching also defies the Word of Elohim, and just as every false teacher of Babylon must be silenced, so must these deceivers, because their teaching openly defies the inspired Word found in Romans 12:6, and supported in Ephesians 4:11.

Search through your Bible, beloved, and discover how the Testimony and Gospel of Yehoshua was always accompanied by the power of Elohim (1 Corinthians 2:1-5, 4:19-20; 2 Corinthians 9:10-12; Philippians 1:19-20; etc).

We need to acknowledge that Elohim still works in and through His children today, both lovingly and powerfully, and that He is the One who calls us to this work of service.  Without that basic faith we will never see an outpouring of The Spirit of grace, and revival will never arrive for this generation.

Only faithlessness would dictate that the gifts are dead, because without the gifts, the body has no capacity to “show” their faith by their works.

Beware the false, encourage the True:

Those denominations expecting Elohim to perform in the confines of their gatherings, must reassess their purpose and function.  The Holy Spirit is our enabler when our heart is right before Elohim (Acts 8:18-21), and when our intent is to glorify the One who died for us (Acts 14:3).

Judgment day shall come indeed, and those within many of the religious institutions, who leave their gatherings feeling fulfilled because everyone “spoke in tongues”, and because they laid hands upon each other in their ritualistic manner, must begin to ask if Elohim is really being glorified before the world thru their actions.

John 7:4 is fundamental to comprehending the faithful use of the gifts though, and the parable of the talents is applicable as well (Matthew 25:14-30; Luke 19:12-26).

The excitement and fervor of many Pentecostal and Charismatic gatherings attract vast numbers of people and money, but Elohim is not interested in numbers, money, programs or buildings; Elohim IS INTERESTED IN THE INDIVIDUAL PERSON.

Proclaim the gospel to the individual -in love- and the power of Elohim will be present.  That is a spiritual law!

Another viewpoint:

Materialistically speaking, everything we have is a gift from Elohim (John 3:27; 1 Corinthians 4:7), and just as we are to be wise stewards of the material things we have received, we are also to be wise stewards of the spiritual things we have received (1 Corinthians 4:1-2).

The wise stewardship of any ability must include the proper use and exercise of that ability, and these gifts from Elohim are no different (1 Timothy 4:14).

With regard to our gifts, it is not a “use it or lose it” proposition in so much as they will be taken away.  It is a “use it or lose it” situation though, inasmuch as the gifts are like a muscle in our bodies.  If we exercise the muscle it grows healthy and strong, but if we do not use it, it eventually will atrophy and become useless.

Irrevocably given:

Gifts are irrevocably given  The gifts and the calling of Elohim are irrevocably given to each one within the EKKLESIA, (Romans 11:29)
Gifts are irrevocably given  The gifts are given for a purpose (1 Corinthians 7:7)
Gifts are irrevocably given  It is our responsibility to utilize those gifts in service to each other (1 Peter 4:10-11)
Gifts are irrevocably given  In order to glorify of our Master, Messiah and King.

I believe the command issued in Proverbs 3:27 that we, “Not…withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it” (ENB), applies with certainty to the use of everything we have received from Elohim.  Eternal rewards are in part based upon these things (2 Corinthians 5:10).

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit - Personal Example

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit – Personal Example:

Within the past thirty years, I have had periods when circumstances simply did not allow me to teach on a regular basis.  During those periods, my entire spiritual walk suffered, because one of my primary purposes within the body is to teach.

Spiritually, everything grew dull while I silently watched others functioning.  This was especially true when a teacher was needed and life simply prohibited me from getting involved.  Those were painful learning experiences, and I desire for you to gain from them.

Use The Topical Concordance; it can help!

The topical concordance will give you additional insight into the reality, necessity and proper use of our gifts.  Our previous letter on this topic should prove helpful as well.           And, the questionnaire accompanying this letter may guide you to learn which gifts Elohim has given you.

You must also realize, however, that while you may be able to recognize some gift or gifts today, your complexion as a soldier in the army of Yehoshua our Messiah will change as you mature (the brick building process) and you will most likely be able to identify other gifts as time passes.

I think it would be a sin against The Holy Spirit though, to deny the possibility of any gift being bestowed upon any one of us, at any given time.  Test the spirits, therefore, and be prepared in your faith-walk to utilize all the abilities that Elohim has given / or may give to you.

Do not presume or assume you are gifted in any area, but prayerfully appeal to The Holy Spirit for knowledge and understanding of your gifts.  Seek the greater gifts – especially that you may prophesy – and walk faithfully in your Master.  He will not withhold wisdom or any good thing from you.

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit - Never Compare

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit – Never Compare:

In the following letters, as we discuss each of the gifts separately, I want you to fully grasp two basic facts:
nugget First, no two children of Elohim are alike.
nugget Second, no two children of Elohim are to be compared – one against the other.

We are each blessed with a unique set of gifts, and that gifting allows us to move within the EKKLESIA in a unique way.  We have each been blessed with a unique life experience as well, of which much of our make-up exists.

In His wisdom, Elohim has permitted and pre-planned around each of the experiences of our lives, in order to combine those experiences with the gifts He is now giving us.  Knowledge (personal experience), added to wisdom (the Word and the gifts of Elohim), equals power.


Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit - Faith Demanded  This requires Faith, but it is essential that you KNOW to the core of your being, that – No part of your life was a mistake in the eyes of Elohim.  And, no part of any future event will ever be outside of His knowledge!

Personal Matters  The pain, grief, anguish, sin, hardness of heart, delinquency of youth, drinking, drugs, sex, violence, ups, downs, peaks and valleys are all useful unto Elohim, if we will only surrender them to Him.
Personal Matters  We are a product of our experiences, but now we are born-again unto the living Elohim.  And now we are gifted by Him for ministry.

The fullness of who you are as His child, walking on this earth, is a combination of your experiences (knowledge), faithfully surrendered unto Him, and working in unison with His gifts and abiding Word (wisdom) to you.

That uniqueness is invaluable in the hands of a loving Creator.

Personal Matters  Do not expect two servers to be alike.
Personal Matters  Do not expect two teachers to be alike.
Personal Matters  Do not anticipate for a moment that the gift of mercy will present itself in exactly the same way through two different brethren, at any given time.  It simply will not happen!
Personal Matters  Each child is burdened differently; that’s what all of those verses mean, which speak of each one using their gifts according to their faith; according as they are able.
Personal Matters  And do not judge when you think someone else is supposed to react, or how they are supposed to react, in any given situation.  Elohim is the Judge.
Personal Matters  Rejoice in the blessing of Elohim within you.
Personal Matters  Rejoice in the love of His presence within you.
Personal Matters  And rejoice in the knowledge that He has called you for the work of service.

Praise be unto our Elohim!

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit - Closing

Answer the questions that follow, my friend, but only after you pray for enlightenment. May His guidance and direction reveal all that He needs and desires for you, and may your heart be receptive.

I remain faithfully and humbly your servant in Yehoshua our Messiah and Master,


Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit - QUESTIONNAIRE

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit – A QUESTIONNAIRE:

The following 100 questions are designed to help YOU identify the spiritual gifts that The Holy Spirit may have imparted to you.  As you answer the following questions, or attempt to identify with the statements made in the following list, though, please keep these three thoughts in mind:

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit - QUESTIONNAIRE  What activity or activities have you either performed and been encouraged about by The Spirit of Elohim, performed and been encouraged by other brethren, or seriously felt the desire or urge to do – and simply did nothing because of a lack of understanding, or faith, or both?

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit - QUESTIONNAIRE What activity or activities have you either performed or felt moved to perform, which appear to hold a special anointing from Elohim? This would particularly include things that seem out of the usual, as far as the world is concerned, but now seem entirely plausible to you.

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit - QUESTIONNAIRE What activity or activities bring incredible fulfillment and joy to your heart, or would if you would only follow through with the urging inside of you?

It is important for you to remember that while the questions or statements may appear emphatic, every attempt, has been made, to make you analyze your inner feelings; to encourage you to analyze your inner spirit.

This self-analysis is needed for you to see where The Holy Spirit might be leading you.

Whether you have actually followed through on His leading, to this point, is irrelevant to the score that you give yourself.  What is relevant, however, at least at this point in your spiritual development, is whether He wants you to do something or not.

Your lack of understanding or faith, or both, really has no bearing upon the gifts that He may have, in fact, given to you.  It is on the basis of these criteria that you should rate your answers as:

Example  0 = Not at all.
Example  1 = Very Little.
Example  2 = Some.
Example  3 = Very Much.

May The Holy Spirit personally guide you as you respond to the following questions:

1. It is more appealing to you, and you receive greater pleasure, from setting the stage, instead of performing on it. _____.

2. Have you ever been led to pray for a nation, group of people or an individual whom you have never visited or met, but feel a strong leading or attraction toward? _____.

3. In a gathering of brethren, are you sought out for direction (either spiritual or with regard to problems and situations in their daily lives) and do you frequently respond appropriately? _____.

4. When meeting strangers, do you have an ability to identify people as trustworthy or not, suspicious or not, truthful or not? And have these “suspicions” been upheld over a period of time? _____.

5. When meeting strangers you immediately desire to know their spiritual condition with regard to Elohim, and either begin to, or feel an urge to, share the gospel with them upon learning that they do not know Yehoshua personally? _____.

6. Upon hearing about brethren in sin, you are moved to approach the brethren, compassionately, with a word of repentance? _____.

7. When present with people in pain, agony or grief, are you led to silently sit in prayer, seeking Elohim’s divine intervention, knowing either beforehand, during or after your prayer, that Elohim will in fact touch that person, or their life, in a miraculous way? _____.

8. Upon learning of a need, you pray for the fulfillment of that need, and then receive what you had sought, or seen it provided.  If you have received it, you faithfully passed the item along._____.

9. When present with people in pain, agony or grief, do you ever experience pain yourself, either in your hands, your feet or some other part of your body? _____.

10. When present with people in pain, agony or grief you are moved to offer, or desire to offer, assistance in the care, feeding and general maintenance of that person and/or their family. _____.

11. Have you ever heard someone speaking an unknown language and innately known what they were saying – even though you had never studied or learned the language before? _____.

12. When in a gathering of the brethren, do you ever “know” deep in your heart, that you have a verse to share with someone, although you may not know who or why? _____.

13. Upon learning of a physical need in your community, you are moved with compassion to volunteer time and energy, to assist in whatever way you can, in order to relieve the need. _____.

14 In the proclamation of Elohim’s Word to others, either by you or by someone else, have you ever been moved to pray for a display of the power of Elohim as an emphatic validation to the claims that were being spoken about Him? _____.

15. When meeting strangers, you are moved to offer spiritual guidance, and prayerfully seek Elohim’s protection of them. _____.

16. Upon hearing a teaching, you are led to search the Word of Elohim to verify the truth of the message for yourself. _____.

17. When meeting strangers, you have found a new capacity within yourself to have a knowledge about their past. _____.

18. Upon hearing a teaching, you desire to spread the teaching to others. _____.

19. In general, do you ever find your mind speaking unrecognizable words while you are praying? _____.

20. When in a gathering of the brethren do you ever know deep in your heart that you have a message to give to another, although you may not know who it is meant for, or why? _____.

21. Are you concerned with punctuality, in regard that people do not waste time, either yours, theirs or a leader in the body? _____.

22. Do you ever desire to be ministering to a nation / people that you have never personally visited, or having visited, and are now moved to share the gospel of Yehoshua ha Mashiach with them? _____.

23. Does your spirit lead you to easily grasp the reigns in a period of turmoil, directing others in a harmonious, compassionate and loving manner? [I am not speaking about being bossy; the issues of harmony, love and compassion are key to this response]. _____.

24. Has The Spirit ever led you to know how to pray for a person in such a way that an otherwise unexposed situation was identified and rebuked? _____.

25. Are you burdened to spend time in places frequented by non- believers, in order to share the Word of Elohim with those you find there? _____.

26. Are you ever led by The Spirit to lovingly, compassionately and without judgment, communicate to anyone within the body, individual words of encouragement or chastisement? _____.

27. Have you ever prayed for someone or something and known, perhaps even before you began to pray, that Elohim was going to respond to your request favorably? _____.

28. “I am moved to provide for the poor and downtrodden in my community, and am led to pray for additional finances in order to meet the needs around me.” _____.

29. When in a gathering of the brethren do you ever know that someone (although you may not know who), is suffering from a particular ailment? Even though you may not know what to do about it? _____.

30. When in a gathering of the brethren, do you want to make certain that everybody in the assembly is comfortable, and wish to insure that all of their needs are being met? Does this stem from a desire to heighten their worship experience? _____.

31. In the quiet of your prayer time, have you ever surrendered to The Holy Spirit and heard the Spirit pray in a language you have never been taught? _____.

32. Have you ever read your Bible, and recognized that someone you know was being spoken of through a particular passage? (You will probably also be moved to pass that information on the the appropriate person/people).  _____.

33. When present with people in pain, agony or grief do you ever experience a quickening in your spirit, and pray that somehow their pain could be taken away, even if it meant for the pain to be transferred to yourself? _____.

34. Have you ever prayed for rain, drought or some other unnatural event, in order to glorify the Master Yehoshua ha Mashiach, or, have you ever wanted to, and just felt too foolish? _____.

35. When in a gathering of the brethren, do you caringly reach out to those around you, offer to meet with them afterward to discuss whatever might be on their mind, or seek to discover what might be their particular need? _____.

36. When you hear a teaching you know is not true to the Word of Elohim, you immediately (yet lovingly) approach the teacher with Scriptural reproof (Perhaps even in front of the class or assembly?) _____.

37. Have you ever been given a dream or vision about an event or happening, and then seen that incident occur? _____.

38. When in a gathering of the brethren, do you speak the Word of Elohim in such a way that people are moved to act upon Elohim’s truth?_____.

39. Do you easily learn and speak foreign languages? _____.

40. In the quiet of your prayer time, have you ever been moved to instruct one of the brethren to do something – which really had no meaning to you personally, but did to them? _____.

41. Do you receive satisfaction solving logistical problems that might otherwise hamper a ministry? _____.

42. Have you ever had the desire to go on short-term journeys into foreign countries, even if the time spent with the locals is merely dedicated to building latrines? _____.

43. Since you have become a disciple of Yehoshua, do you find it more natural to take responsibility for others, and give directions in an understanding and unassuming way? _____.

44. Have you ever heard someone speak, and known that the person was not telling the entire truth, and then either did, or wanted to, approach that person with what you knew? _____.

45. Are you burdened to ask Elohim for the ability to speak forth His Word in such a way that mankind would receive the truth of His salvation through Yehoshua ha Mashiach? _____.

46. Have you ever found yourself counseling people, with unusual clarity of mind and purpose, and learned that your counsel was immensely profitable for the listener? _____.

47. Have you ever simply “known” while in prayer, that Elohim was going to do some amazing thing, and then watched the event unfold? _____.

48. You have a keen awareness for needs in your community, and have found that Elohim will use you to distribute goods or money to relieve those needs. _____.

49. Have you ever been moved to announce that someone in your gathering is suffering from a particular ailment, although you may not know who it is? _____.

50. When in a gathering of brethren, do you automatically want to assist anybody that you know is having difficulty? _____.

51. Have you ever traveled to a foreign nation and known instinctively what the people were saying, although you never studied the language? _____.

52. In the quiet of your prayer time have you ever been given a Scriptural passage to share with one of the brethren? _____.

53. Have you ever been moved to open your house to strangers when you discovered that they were in need, even if the outside world might consider them repulsive? _____.

54. Do you ever feel moved of The Spirit to pray for an outpouring of the power of Elohim as a witness, while another of the brethren is testifying to the unsaved? _____.

55. Are you unusually burdened to seek out the stray and lost sheep of Elohim’s family, inviting them to join you and others for a time of fellowship? _____.

56. When you read the Word of Elohim, do you understand a passage or verse to be saying something in a way that has never been taught to you before, and upon locating confirmation within Elohim’s word, you openly declare the truth that has been revealed to you? _____.

57. In the quiet of your prayer time have you ever sought information from Elohim about an event or circumstance still in the future, received an answer to that prayer, and then watched as the events occurred? _____.

58. When you read your Bible, do you easily master the truthful facts and principles of Elohim’s Word, and then do you, or do you desire to, teach those facts and principles to others? _____.

59. Have you ever been burdened to ask Elohim for intervention of The Holy Spirit in your prayers – because you honestly did not know what to say – and heard Him groan and utter from deep within your heart in a way that you did not understand? _____.

60. Have you ever been burdened to ask Elohim for guidance in speaking with a troubled brother of sister, and then known exactly what to say to that person, solving their problem, or resolving their dilemma? _____.

61. Are you more comfortable as a recluse, assisting from behind the scenes, instead of being out in front of people? _____.

62. Does your spirit feel a true desire for an itinerant lifestyle of teaching and ministering to non-believers, as well as teaching young and impressionable disciples? _____.

63. Does your spirit rejoice in guiding others in the smooth performance of their work and service unto the Master? _____.

64. Does your spirit ever move you in such a way that you recognize false teachings, false rituals, false prophecies and false brethren? _____.

65. Have you ever found yourself speaking to complete strangers about the wonders of Yehoshua, and the joy of Him in your life – regardless of your personal tribulation – to the end that they desired to learn more about the Elohim who you say loves them? _____.

66. Does The Holy Spirit urge you to lovingly, compassionately and non judgmentally address an individual you know to be born again, but whom you know is living against the Word of Elohim, in an effort to redirect that person back to the cross of the Messiah? _____.

67. Do you believe that Elohim can do anything and everything…all of the time, without any doubt? _____.

68. Do you ever feel led to pray about the financial support of a particular family/ministry, seeking specific amounts from Elohim, and then seen Elohim provide those exact funds? It is quite possible that you may be led to such prayer but dismissed it as an insane notion. _____.

69. Have you ever prayed over an ailing person and felt a surge or presence of power within yourself that you were unable to explain? While you may have been led to lay hands upon the individual, you dismissed your feelings as anxiety or some other sense? _____.

70. Are you moved to prepare a meal, mow the lawn or wash windows for people, when you know they are unable to perform the task? _____.

71. Have you ever heard someone praying in an unknown language and known exactly what that person was saying? _____.

72. Have you ever been moved to address a specific individual with a passage that had intense spiritual relevance to that person? _____.

73. Does The Holy Spirit ever move you to help someone who is experiencing tremendous personal, physical or spiritual loss, although to this point you may have denied the urge? _____.

74. Does your spirit ever yearn for the power of Elohim to be displayed in a wondrous way, in testimony to a dying world? _____.

75. Have you ever been exceedingly burdened to bring back into fellowship, brethren who had slipped away from following the Master? _____.

76. While studying the Bible, do you easily see and comprehend a deeper truth to a Scriptural passage, even finding a secondary and even third level of teaching held within a particular verse?_____.

77. Does The Holy Spirit open your eyes to see past events in a person’s life, which allows you to testify to them about Yehoshua in a life-saving, soul winning fashion? _____.

78. Have you ever proclaimed Elohim’s Word in such an inspired and enthusiastic manner to another person, that their direction in life was altered? _____.

79. Do you sincerely desire to learn to speak a foreign language in order to provide an opportunity for ministry? _____.

80. In proclaiming Elohim’s word to others, either among the brethren or the unsaved, have you ever been moved to offer advice to an individual or group regarding a specific course of action that they were to follow, without even having known that they were searching for guidance in the first place? _____.

81. Are you more comfortable typing than talking? _____.

82. Do you yearn to hear and/or read the purity of the teaching of Elohim’s Word,  more so than you are personally interested in teaching these matters yourself? _____.

83. Are you ever moved to take charge of a particular situation, even though you are not normally involved with those particular matters? This is not being pushy, but normally applies during adverse moments. _____.

84. Can you easily identify attacking and disruptive spirits, even while every one else may be in a state of confusion? _____.

85. Do you easily speak about Yehoshua among strangers? _____.

86. Have you ever talked with somebody about sin, in general, and then had that person confess their personal sins to you? _____.

87. Are you ever led to pray for something really big, even while the rest of the brethren may have given up on the project or person? _____.

88. Have you ever been led to reach into your pocket/purse, to give whatever money was there to a person or need before you? _____.

89. Have you ever prayed and fasted for a sick person, and then laid hands upon them for healing? (Or wanted to?) _____.

90. Do you frequently wash dishes, sweep or clean, either during or after social events, even though you were not responsible to do so? _____.

91. Can you understand people who speak with huge accents, while everybody else is having difficulty understanding them? _____.

92. In a gathering, when listening to prayer requests, do you easily focus upon a specific Scriptural passage that you know addresses the request? _____.

93. Do you find it easy to approach the downtrodden, while they may repulse society? _____.

94. Have you ever actually performed an act otherwise thought to be inhuman or unnatural? _____.

95. Does it bother you that some people, for whatever reason, are not enjoying fellowship with their brethren? _____.

96. Do you easily speak out against unrighteous social issues? _____.

97. Do you have frequent visions or dreams that you, or another of the brethren, can interpret? _____.

98. Do you enjoy teaching other disciples about Yehoshua, and do they enjoy learning from you? _____.

99. When you speak to foreigners, are you easily understood? _____.

100. Are you frequently sought out by the brethren, or others, for advice to their personal problems? _____.

Upon completion of answering all of the above questions, use the following chart to record your responses. Each row represents a total for a particular gift, and the rows with the highest scores indicate those abilities that are most evident in your life at this time.

  • IF you cannot see the Name of each Gift – To The Right – on your Screen, you may have to ‘minimize’ your screen, or at the very least, scroll to the right to see each Gift’s Name/Title.
Row A  1 21   41   61     81 =   Administration
Row B   2   22   42   62     82   =   Apostleship
Row C   3   23   43   63     83 =   Authority/
Row D   4   24   44   64     84   =   Discernment
Row E   5   25   45   65     85   =   Evangelism
Row F   6   26   46   66     86   =   Exhortation
Row G   7   27   47   67     87   =   Faith
Row H   8   28   48   68     88   =   Giving
Row I   9   29   49   69     89   =   Healings,
gifts of
Row J 10   30   50   70     90   =   Helps/Server
Row K 11   31   51   71     91   =   Interpretations
Row L 12   32   52   72     92   =   Knowledge,
word of
Row M 13   33   53   73     93   =   Mercy
Row N 14   34   54   74     94   =   Miracles,
gifts of
Row P 15   35   55   75     95   =   Pastor
Row Q 16   36   56   76     96   =   Prophecy
Row R 17   37   57   77     97   =   Prophecy
Row S 18   38   58   78     98   =   Teacher
Row T 19   39   59   79     99   =   Languages
Row U  20   40   60   80   100   =   Wisdom,
word of

Letter 13: The Gifts of The Holy Spirit - Concordance

Letter 13 Topical Concordance:

Old Covenant: Isaiyeh 58(all); Daniel 9:3; Joel (all); Zechariyeh 7:5-14.

New Covenant: Matthew 6:16-18, 17:14-21; Mark 2:18-20, 29; Acts 27:33; Philippians 4:5.

Old Covenant: Psalms 37, 51:10-13; Proverbs 3:27.

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